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Renewing US based debit/Atm cards while living in the philippines

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My BoA debit card expires end of Dec 2019.  BoA mails the new card end of Nov.  Received the new card through PhilPost by 10 Dec and activated online.


Have had two stolen from Phil Post. Somehow the thieves who the fraud department says are a professional group activated one of the cards. Made $3000 worth of purchases before the bank froze the account. Fortunately my bank (USAA) didn't charge anything to me and set my account straight. Had to add two additional layers of security to access the accounts. It's a pain in the butt but at least it will be very difficult for someone to get in. Now I have the cards sent to my son who in turn sends them FedEx.

FedEx... my sister had my NFCU FedEx'd to me and I got it fast the $65 burn though but worth it.

Good answers everyone!  I might just subscribe to a mail forwarding service and have them send it to my forwarding address. I can go online and check my mailbox and have my mail sent to a Philippine address or an FPO.  Don't want to bother anyone with having them send any mail to me.

I have never had a problem, have had my visa card sent to me twice, and my wife's two times as well.  Have also had my American Express sent to me.   Got all of them very very timely as well (sent directly to my house in the Philippines)


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