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--- Quote from: MotorSarge on August 16, 2019, 02:39:12 AM ---Thank you.....more research to do.
I Just don't want to sweat 24/7/365.

--- End quote ---

Why those two place only ?  They are good...  but there are many other it is a big country.

Any place you pick,  will occasionally need to travel to Cebu or Manila for reasons.   If you already live there,  it is shorter travel.

If cost of house(rent or buy) is important other locations that are nice can be much less expensive and still have a lot of features.


I just don't want it sweat out 365. Other cooler places let me know Sir.,


It is said to be cooler in the Tagatay area while being somewhat close to Manila.  The city of Valencia above Dumaguete on the island of Negros is also cool.  I would imagine anywhere in PI with an altitude greater than about 700 meters would be noticeably cooler relative to the flatlands close to sea level.

I will take note of all the cooler places mentioned and then when we visit we'll try to reach them all and go from there.

Thank you for the responses and please add more that some of you may have been to.


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