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Left Arrow Sometimes Not Working

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I don\'t know if it\'s just my computer, but in the past couple of days I\'ve found the left arrow in my browser (IE 8) not working a lot of the time, but only on this forum. If I click on the drop down menu at the top left of the IE menu bar, I see that the previous page is some google ad. It looks like that google ad is causing a loop and sending me back to the page I am trying to leave.

Now that I know what is happening, I can get round it by using the same drop down menu to jump back to the page that I actually want to go to.

Is anyone else seeing this same behaviour?


I have that same thing happening on other sites as well as this one.  My browser is FireFox, and the OS is Ubuntu, so I doubt it has anything to do with your browser or computer.

Gray Wolf:

I\'d do a very strong virus scan and a malware scan.  Also, I had some virus issues a while back and downloaded a program called PCMatic.
It really works!  I run it about once a week along with my anti-virus and malware scans.  It not only clears out unwanted glitches, it also downloads driver updates automatically and helps your AV program and malware program rid your computer of viruses.

Hope you find out what\'s causing your issues.

Well I will check for viruses, although I always have Avast running and updated, and the problem only shows up on this forum. Maybe I will clear my cache first and see if that helps.


Yes i have the same problem. Also a lot of redirects. I will try the PCmatic Jack reccommended.



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