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Magic Jack Terms of Service Change, use it or lose it, international minutes


Magic Jack Terms of Service change to be aware of.  Warning to all who use international calling, the money you put in now expires within 6 months automatically, so use it or lose it. While I have been totally happy with my Magic Jack up until this point, they basically just took $15 out of my account without notifying me of the change, but their TOS covers them. Since I do not wish anyone else to lose any money out of their accounts, I am posting this. 

The magicJack and/or magicJack Plus device or magicJack APP allows you to receive for free incoming calls using the phone number you have chosen. If you choose outgoing service, the magicJack and/or magicJack Plus device or magicJack APP allows you to make free outgoing calls to other magicJack/magicJack Plus/magicJack APP device users located anywhere in the world, and to subscribers on traditional telephone networks or cellular networks in the United States. We may require prepaid purchase and/or we may charge you for calls to conference lines, platforms and certain non-ILEC area calls, or any call wherein we incur a cost from another carrier. We may provide for a fee, premium prepaid services, which may be powered by YMAX Communications Corp. (YMAX), and may include some inbound, international, conference, platform and outbound calls that receive a recording and certain calls to non-ILEC areas, and the rates for those services will be governed by listed price lists or tariffs. International calling purchases expire six months after purchase. magicJack, YMAX Communications Corp. (YMAX), and/or Vocal Tec may make available to you, for an additional fee, enhanced versions of the magicJack and/or magicJack Plus device or magicJack APP Software (Upgraded Software) that provide new features and functions. magicJack APP has a Basic plan which is free and a Preferred plan which is not. magicJack APP Basic provides you with a software license that enables calls to other magicJack and magicJack APP users around the world while magicJack APP Preferred, which is available for some downloaded products, also provides you with a server access license which enables you to make calls as well to landline and cell phone users in the United States and Canada.

Tally J:
I too have been using MagicJack for calls to and from the Philippines.  Recently the younger members of the family alerted me to an application for smart phones that works as well or better than MJ.  The application is named Viber and we have downloaded the app for Iphone and android devices.  It is also free. 

The app must be on the sending and receiving phone for it to work.

The Viber that you speak of, my gf and her sister downloaded on their iPads about a week and a half ago.  She did it right before she left to Hong Kong on a couple of days for business trip but they did not connect while she was there.  I didn\'t ask for specifics on why they did not but I will check with her.  Not saying it does not work good outside the country but apparently, it does work good inside the Philippines.

Tally J:
Bud - so far we have had better and more consistent connections with Viber than MagicJack between Angeles City and Florida.  Do not know why your gf had problems, but all of these VOIP connections seem to suffer from connectivity problems from time to time.

Well, I found out a little while ago that the problem I mentioned was at her sister\'s end with her iPad.  I don\'t doubt the reliability of the Viber.  I just knew that at first, they were having problems which they did not have after she got back.  I don\'t have personal experience with either Viber nor MagicJack.  We talk nearly every day but since I am here and she is there, the only calls usually going to the Philippines from here is me calling her or vice versus by way of video chat.  The rare times I call by phone is with my local service but I also have a dual sim with the second one being a Smart for roaming text for if I am not online and she is trying to get in touch.


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