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I am receiving abusive email. I have seen email software that sends an auto reply to the sender. If the recipient approves, the email is accepted and the email address added to the address book. This is a one time deal. Does anyone have help with me finding this? Thanks.

Please explain in a little more detail, also are you talking about junk mail or is someone sending you explicitly abusive mail?


You should just be able to block the address in you settings.
If he/she is persistant, then just change your address and send the new one to the people that you want to have it.
If the mail is threatening, then send a copy of it to the abuse center of you email carrier and print it and give a copy to the police.

RUFUS, Brad is here in RP, do you really think the police here would care or even know what to do about it. As for email addresses some of us have had the same address for 10 yrs or more, mine is almost 15 yrs old, its like a street address where I can be reached anytime. Not something I want to change anytime soon. I actually have about 20 email addresses, but only one that counts. You know 3 - 4 at Yahoo, 2 at gmail, 2 at msn, and a couple of others floating around. Whenever a site asks me for an email, I give it one of the junk email boxes, but my bank gets the real one. There is software out there that maintains a white list and a black list, when an email is sent to you, it is held at a server, the server sends you an email notifying you that you have mail, after authenticating the mail and the senders reverse IP address for its mail server and after you add the sender to the white list, the mail is forwarded to your email client. Anyone whom you do not authenticate sees you as having dropped off the edge of the planet


This person is very smart. Each mail comes from a different email address. I have complained to ABUSE but the source is a secure server. The mail is filth, describes sex with my wife, claims my children are not mine and demeans my military service. I do not want to change my address, he will just get it again. Almost certain I know who he is, we live in the same city and have some of the same friends. I am trying to find one of these auto responce email filters. Regards.


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