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Exchanging Pesos for AUD


Which is the best way to do this? Get Australian Currency in Australia when I arrive and exchange my pesos there or do it here in Manila at a currency exchange, where do you think I will get the best rate?

I checked the Australian Banks their rates are terrible... one is offering 41 and the other 43 to the Australian Dollar where as XE is reporting it at 38 and BDO is reporting it at 38 Buy and 39 Sell.


Definitely do it Manila.† No one wants to see pesos here.....We accumulated some over a few trips and no bank was interested.† Travelex would take them but the rate is a joke (they don\'t advertise it - from memory it was about 80% of the official rate)....Also, if you ever need to - Travelex may, repeat may, have a few pesos....handy to have a few hundred to quickly get to a hotel in the middle of the\'d have to ring your local Travelex office - they don\'t list pesos on the internet...

Not sure, but isn\'t the maximum legal amount of pesos you can take out of the Philippines 1000 pesos per passenger anyway?


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