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Just a few I like to use.

Kings Bargain Center - Come out of Gaisano, go right, go right at the end of the building, down 2 blocks, its a down-stairs store, money exchange is in the back room. Nice people, very accomodating, but usually a few centavo\'s less than Liberty Marketing.

Liberty Marketing - Come out of Gaisano, go right, cross the street, continue down about 50 meters, on the right.† They are kind of picky when it comes to old bills, but usually have the best rate. If you have a few hundred or so to change, they let you sit inside the office with that nice cool air con and nice seating...which is a plus... ;D

Whatever you do, dont change money in Gaisano unless you really have to.

Greg... 8)

Thanks Grizzi,

I hv used Gaisano before and felt ripped off.†  Next time I\'ll check kings and liberty when I\'m in Lovely Ormoc again.† † Do† you live there or visit from time to time?

I have a fiance that lives about 12km out of Ormoc (towards Baybay), and we are currently renovating a house there.† I plan on retiring to that area in about 8 years, so we are preparing...and since I work in South Korea, I get to visit rather regularly...3-4 times a year. Soon I will be transfering to another job in the Netherlands, and guess I will have to cut back my visits to 1-2 times a year... :\'(†

To me, it has everything I need...and since they now have the barcode scanners at the Gaisano grocery store, I\'m not stressed out as much when I visit Yes, I think of it as a lovely city also...and compact... 8)

Good luck with your tsfr to Netherlands .. I\'m taking a new job and they are allowing me to be based in CEBU which is perfect for me allowing reg visits to Otown and Ktown (kananga - her place).. this starts in October..†  HOpe you can get back a lil more regularly.†



Thanks Scott. I hope I can get back there more often also. Hope to end up there sometime in Feb., and if you are around, maybe we all can meet up and do a dinner at one of the local restaurants in Ormoc.

Have a good one.



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