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I plan on moving to mindanao and with the dollar the way it is lately I would like to use or exchange gold coins that I have for pesos. Does anyone have experience in doing this. Thanks in advance for your advice. Kevin

Gray Wolf:

I\'ll give you a dollar apiece for them.† It\'s a better deal than you\'ll get in Mindanao and I won\'t rob you, I promise.†  ;D

Gray Wolf:
Sorry Kevin, I just had to say that.†  ;D

 Seriously, I think a better question is can you legally bring gold into the RP?† I\'m not absolutely certain you can legally take gold from the US into the RP.† And if so, what will RP customs have to say about it?† What about US Customs?† I would research those questions first.†

Let us know what you find out.

Graywolf, while I\'m sure there are plenty of people willing to take advantage of me, it\'s hard to believe that there are no reputable dealers in gold coins, even in mindanao.
But, seeing how you like jokes. Why, when a doctor writes a presciption you can\'t read what it says but the pharmacist can? Answer, the note actually says, I\'ve got my money now you get yours.
Talk to ya later. Kevin

Graywolf, your right I didn\'t think about customs, but the coins are of the type that aren\'t required to be reported, unlike bullion. So it comes down to how to get in country. Thanks for the input. Kevin


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