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Dumaguete (Apo Island and the local area)


Here are some U/W pictures that I took on many trips to Dumaguete. I have always stayed at ElDorado Beach Resort...and never had a bad time. Hope you enjoy.

I have more...but for different areas in the PI. Still have to do Palawan... 8)

Gray Wolf:
AWESOME PHOTOS, Grizzi!  Please, continue to share whenever you have time to add more. 

I love this forum!! 

Hi Greg,

Love the way that you have the thumbnail/filmstrip view of your photo\'s. Easy to view a large number & click to see each one. Perhaps you can tell our members how you do that in the photo section & help GrayWolf learn more about PhotoBucket (he gets so excited)  ;D His post is here:

Sounds like something I can sink my teeth into. I will check out that forum and install easy instructions for all to see. Thanks for the encouraging words on my photos. More to come...just need to find time to load all those photos into 8)


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