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Drivers License Renewal

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I renewed my license in June so I better check to see if the plastic license is in but, my medical consisted of my weight and height, and things have improved in our LTO they now have screens so when your number pops up it gives you the window number.

Just renewed my license, Region 6 just needed an Eye Exam and Blood Pressure Test, took the form to LTO took 30 minutes to get receipt said in one year before plastic available so just keep receipt with old license till then

Renewed my DL today at LTO Robinson's Mall Dasmarinas(Pala Pala) Cavite office not a LTO major office.  The Mall offices only process renewals and student permits.  Medical is accomplished in the Mall. Took less than an hour and walked out with new license good until 2023.


I renewed  my licence in January, and because it had expired almost 2 years earlier they made me take the written test then wanted me to take a driving test. They said that they were going to hire a car for it. After hanging around for a long time, it got close to 5 pm and gave up and gave me my new plastic licence.


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