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If you are interested in diving on Cebu, try Moaboal. They have regular shark and whaleshark sightings, a nice beach close to the dive area (White Beach, which also has a few resorts), and has many reputable dive shops including Sevedra Divers. Many places to stay, and lots of great diving to do (try a night dive off Pescador Island...wondeful). For more information, try here and sign up for their regular email newsletter:

Enjoy and if you do go, drop a trip report here. I will try to upload some of my pictures from my last trip there.... 8)

Exoctic Island Dive and Beach Resort on Malapascua is nice.

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Gray Wolf:
Awww Rob... can you resize the photo to about 75-100kb?  I\'d love to be able to see you guys better.

Actually, I\'m not sure why it cost more. A 2 tank dive in the PI, usually runs from $40-$50.  I guess with the cost of the compressors in the PI, and that its not as well visited as say Florida or even Thailand, could be a reason, and like you said, not much pressure from other dive shops?  Maybe someone else can chime in on this topic... 8)


Regarding prices, this may be something.... at Malapascua the dive shop was run by an Austrialian lady. I got the feeling that this was a joint venture with the Filipino owners of the resort. If this is the case, then she probably had the final say in what the charges would be, and then she had to share some of the profits with the resort owner. Many people come from around the world to dive there... so they know that the prices can be more \"international\" prices. There were only a couple of dive shops on Malapascua....

Might be part of it.... might not.



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