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I\'m posting this more from desperation than expectation, but somebody might be able to offer a suggestion.

I\'ve \'adopted a school\' in the boondocks of Capiz. People here in Australia have donated all sorts of things, some of which is rubbish but a lot of which would be very worthwhile to send to the school.

The trouble is Australia Post only sends parcels airmail to RP, at about $10 a kg. Even if I had $300 to pay the postage it would be a waste of money - the school would get better value if I just sent the money.

I\'ve looked for a balikbayan box service on the Gold Coast or Brisbane in Queensland but can\'t find anything. Forex operates out of Sydney and doesn\'t seem very interested in a small customer 800 km away. Even the local Chinese supermarket, which is supposed to be the font of wisdom for all things Asian, gave a blank stare when I inquired.

Anyone know of a possible solution?


I\'ll get the boss onto it, she has many contacts in Australia for this stuff as well. She is asleep right now, but when she awakes I\'ll have her send some emails. Where is the town sending the goods, and where do you want it sent to in RP.


Many thanks Wayne. I\'m in a little place called Bogangar which is about 20 km south of Tweed Heads on the NSW Queensland border. I\'d be happy to drop stuff off as far away as Brisbane.

The school is in Tapaz, Capiz but I think it would be best to send it to Iloilo City. I have friends who can take care of it from there.

Thanks again.

the boss says to check out

There is a contact number on the site and they may have agents in Brisy that can accommodate you.

Its actually a Filipino company and when you explain its donations for a school, they may waive some or all of the fee if you beg a little, I am trying to come up with one of the principals names from Noreen, (Tristan Tagle) pronounced Tug lay, he is a son of the owner. Ask for him and explain your situation, see what they can do for you, say you got his name from an acquaintance in PI who spoke highly of his company.



 Wayne is spot on. I originally came from Sydney and BM Express worked there too. I have a mate in Bris. who is married to a Filipina and he is very knowledgeable, I will email him for you and try and get you an alternate carrier if BM don\'t work out for you.


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