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--- Quote from: jwillwon3 on July 14, 2017, 05:17:23 AM ---I was in Cebu 6 months last year and this year, back home in May. We live in southern Cebu and driving to Cebu city to the BI is a strain on me. I prefer to put my clunker car on the 30 minute ferry to Dumaguete. The BI there is getting crowded now and you must return in the afternoon to complete your visit. What can be done in Cebu city at the BI can not be done in the Dumaguete office..................go figure ! Third world country is so true. I wish I knew why it is so difficult to understand a simple thing, ie... Common Sense is UNCOMMON ! After 6 months there, I can not wait to get back to the US. Snow falls I come back to the Philippines !

--- End quote ---

Where you from guy?  Your other place?  Maybe there is someone here who knows somewhere  closer to there and south of there so that you would have another option when it comes snow time.  That way things could be easier on you with you not have to endure the rigors of the Philippines.

I only had to use the Cebu office in the mall once and that was for the exit visa.  I had no problem with them.  After my first two visits to immigration I bought a "messenger bag" just for all my immigration needs.  Not a big one.  Probably 12 inches by 8 inches and I keep everything(copies of passport and other such things, pictures, and before I go put all my ID/Wallet and passport and all) in it.  Since then I just go into the immigration office knowing that most likely(so far every time) I have more than I need to get everything done. 

I think it took me about 3 hours and part of that was due to lunch breaks many of the workers were taking and I took mine also at that time.  I had to stay much longer my first year here just for extensions at the Calbayog and Tacloban offices. 

I heard worse stories of the offices in Manila.  Cebu office doesn't bother me at all.

My wife has dual citizenship, someone told me that I don't need a visa extended stay. Is it true ?

As long as you enter the Philippines together then your wife asks the BI person for a Balikbayan stamp and you both can stay up to one year with no visa.

Gray Wolf:
My last several visits I have received the Balikbayan stamp in my passport, good for a year. Walang problemo!  :)


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