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From America to China (short and flexible dates; several days), to Philippines (30 days), then back to America, I would like to book a round-trip ticket.  How do I express my need to book such a trip on a single purchase, through an internet outlet, and which economical travel agency is best to use?   Thanks!

From which state will you be flying? 

I usually check and compare flights found using different sites:, onetravel and then book directly on the airlineís website unless the flight is much cheaper on online travel agency.  Skyscanner is where I just start just to have an idea on the rate. 

On online travel agencies, I have personally tried both and 

On your plan to fly from America to China then to Philippines, either you get a flight with stopover in China or book a multi-city flight.

Quoting this from another topic, posted by Lee2:

--- Quote from: Lee2 on March 27, 2018, 09:24:08 AM ---Jack had recommended one in this post

and another oneI found

and yet another one

maybe one of those might work for you.

--- End quote ---

A site that I am currently liking the setup of is  You can pick a leave date and a return date, then open it to +3, -3 day of dates selected, and it'll give you a grid of the 7 leave dates and 7 return dates(the date you picked, and the 3 either side of it) and the best prices of each date.  Basically, you get a 49 day grid with the best prices available on each.  The prices can be over $500 in difference in that small of a time frame, and I've found round trips from Angeles City to chicago for under $670. 
I hated Kayak just a few years ago when i was doing some price checking for friends.  But they have really changed their game and are a favorite of mine now.

^Just maybe donít book via kayak and just use it for price comparison?  Iíve read somewhere that Kayak is somewhat related to Vayama.  I booked through Vayama early this year and was surprised of the process.  I chose the date, paid and didnít realize that upon payment is a request to book (not the actual booking).  Unlike other online sites which books directly upon payment, vayama is weird in this sense.  So I had to xall and cacel since I feel this is kinda shady. 


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