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Restrictions for China-travel


I'd like to travel from Cebu to China, but found restrictions terrible.       1.Notification to Chinese embassy in Washington of itinerary, day by day.  2.  Visa acceptance only through Chinese Representative in host country.   3.  No dollars  changed by Chinese banks.  4.Notification of hotels to be used before landing, meaning reservations made and reported before take-off.  Is this as complicated as it seems?   Any past visitors?           (Am I asking the right questions?)    Thank you. 

When i was working I had to do work in china.  Their system is VERY rigid and strict.  It's crazy, but, you better do EVERYTHING that is asked.  Had a co-worker that our company screwed up on their exit Visa.  She is American, but was living in Germany because that is where our company had her based.  She was suppose to go back to Germany from China.  but, because the company screwed up her exit visa, she was held for 24 hours and then forced back to America because she is American.  The company paid for it all, but still sucked for her. 
They were nice to her when detaining her.  Put her up in a hotel even for the night.  They understood she was just a worker and the company messed up.  Still, that was after 10 hours in a room while they sorted it out and learned what all happened.

I made a couple of business trips to mainland China about 10 years ago.  The company I was visiting arranged for the visa without any drama and their was no hassle at all.  May be different now of course.

ok my exp is good for china no problems was back in 2013 i went for one month only thing i did was letter of invite from chinese friend. now first visa is 30 days not mulitiple entry for everyone i was told but after first visit you can get multi np. i never had to say where i was going or what hotel or any details . only thing in china is foreigner can only stay in hotels registered with gov to house them as each will report your stay to local police for records.i traveled around china no plans what id do each day went on trains to different city's without any issues but im on British passport  so not sure how they treat other country.

You can no longer get a china visa in one day in Hong Kong but an agency will get you one in 2-4 days here is the website of one of these agencies they list what you need to provide and will obtain the visa for you why you enjoy Hong Kong.

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