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Driving from Manila to Davao

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--- Quote from: Big daddy Ray on January 11, 2017, 10:22:35 AM ---Wow....that might be fun...or could be a nightmare...that's a long way to go and kinda expensive on the transportation costs....I would check with the ferry companies and see how much they would charge to transport the truck first...then see if it is worth the trip...I would not have it in my bones to island hop and drive from Manila to Davao...there are just too many variables on a trip like that....I would plan it if I could get it a LOT cheaper in Manila I would take it by ferry from Manila to Davao straight shot if possible....if you drive "new" truck ain't gonna be so new when you get it home...haha! Just my two cents...

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Why would you feel that putting 1,750km on a new 3.2l diesel 4x4 pickup would be an issue? It's only a months work of normal commuting to the office back home.  It's nothing.  Would I make trip in a small compact car? No I probably wouldn't.
What are the variables that you are concerned with?  The only unscheduled issue we had was that one of the ferries was scheduled to depart at 06:00 and in fact it left at 08:00 am.  No big deal.  Life is all about variables and managing them.
As it turned out the drive was a doddle.  When we arrived, it would not have fazed me to make the return trip straight away.  The roads were very variable, some places pretty good, others with pretty bad surfaces, with lots of breaking up, detours etc.  Just need to slow down accordingly.  One place we visited Tinuy-an Falls required driving 13km of off-road tracks, with lots of deep mud and ruts, requiring 4x4, but apart from the car picking up about 100kg of mud, no problem!  All washed off with a 2hour visit to the carwash once we arrived Davao.  Some of the hotels we stayed at are a bit basic, but sufficient.  On the road by 6am each day and tried to arrive at our next overnight stop before dark.  Didn't work out that way a couple of times and was still on the road after dark.  Good lights on the car, so again no issues.  Made 2 fuel stops but could have gotten by with a single stop just, but played it safe by making 2.  Saw of lot of the country by making this road trip and having completed it, I can honestly say that I am very happy I chose to make Davao, Mindanao my home.


Glad you were pretty much trouble free. We still plan our long drive, with a similiar route, but until we start driving each day, that will decide, where and when we will stop. But here in the Phils, we won't drive at night, we will simply stop, sleep, rest, even stay more than overnight.  On all of our trips, up and down the country, so far, we play it all by ear. Stop when we see something we didn't expect, get out of the car, swim or various site-seeing things. We usually have the end destination, but what happens in the middle, is where all the fun really is.


All I can say ABC, is go for it, truly, it is an adventure. At no time did I feel stressed out or concerned at anything.  Everywhere we went, and stopped, we found only helpful friendly people.
It was my birthday during the trip, found myself celebrating it in a karaoke bar in our overnight stop hotel till about 1 in the morning with around 20 Pinoys doing their best to murder western songs, brilliant.  Other nights, all tucked up by midnight and up at 5am for an early start.
The ferries are easy enough and added an interesting break to the driving. Total cost of the 2 ferries for the pickup and 4 pax approx P5,000.  Fuel costs less than P6,000. 
The Wildtrak never missed a beat and was a beast hauling ass passing slow moving trucks up some of the steep hills, having said that overall average speed was quite low as a result of road and traffic conditions.  I saw 100 kph on the clock a few times but mostly top speed was no more than 80.  Average fuel consumption 9.3 l/100km, pretty good for 3.2l truck.
Total distance driven 1,750 km, but that included quite a few detours for sight seeing.  Without those, I guess it would have been closer to 1,500 km.

I have a 3.2 L Wildtrack as well.  I love the truck, got it in September and have not broken 4K Kilometers yet.   I envy your trip. 


--- Quote from: AggieExPat on December 04, 2017, 03:39:43 PM ---I have a 3.2 L Wildtrack as well.  I love the truck, got it in September and have not broken 4K Kilometers yet.   I envy your trip.

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Hi Javi
Yes its an awesome truck, absolutely love mine too.
After Xmas we will be headed off on our next adventure.  Spending 3 days at a beach resort down in Gumasa, about 200km from our place.


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