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His wife just called me crying on the phone. Murph was pronounced dead at 1:30 pm today !

This is sad news.
His asawa just called and personally asked me to inform the forum.

Lets have a moment of silence for Murph.

I\'m new to this forum, but have been reading and gaining inspiration from Murph\'s posts. Very sad hear of his passing. But I guess he\'s in a better place now.


Just read the sad news

                               I only knew Murf from his postings here and yet i felt I knew him well

                               Thank you for all your words touched me and I had to say thank you.

                                Dylan,,,please pass my condolences to his loved ones for me...thank you.

                                YOU WILL BE SORELY MISSED MURF.....R.I.P     Vale Murf

Thank you for informing us. Please give his wife our condolences.  I am sorry to hear this but at least he got what he wanted and wished for. May he now rest in peace.  :(  He will be truly missed but at least his words and wisdom will live on for us to continue to enjoy.


I too am only new to this forum but took the old fellows post to heart, his wisdom , his sarcasm, his love to all his mates will stay with me for along time. I just wish he could have beat the demons long enough for me to meet the guy next year.
Please give our condolences to Jennifer and family may his memory live on amongst us.

Thanks Dylanaz

Braddo & Melen :\'( :\'( :\'(


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