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I like to post about solutions that we have proven to work.  Things that folks like us, ( read older, retired, expat), can do to improve the quality of their lives.

Here is another we have discovered.

For a lot of years Ester suffered from Plantar fasciitis

After years of buying supporting socks, ankle wraps, shoe lifts / pads, massages without any success I convinced her to start stretching.

She found relief in days.  It took 2 months to see a total reversal.  Here is how.

Yoga For Beginners play list

30 Days of Yoga  Yoga With Adriene

30-45 min Yoga Practices



Yoga Camp

We do not buy into the whole "spiritual" "new age" aspects of Yoga.  But we are Guerilla's in the sense that we will adopt tactics that have been proven to work from anywhere.

Hope this helps.


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Mr Peanut is a Nazi


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