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Gray Wolf:

Yes, you can add photos between your text, but it\'s a bit more complicated.  First you\'ll need to go to and start an album.  It\'s free and as far as I know, unlimited.  Upload your pictures there, but make sure you resize them before you upload.  I made the mistake of loading some full size (2MB) photos and put them on the forum.  Photobucket resized them for me, but they were about 5X larger than they should have been.  They were viewable, but ate up all the available space in the folder and no one else could load a picture until I removed mine.

Once you\'ve uploaded your resized pictures, open your album in Photobucket and locate the picture you want to use.  Click on the box underneath.  This will give you a selection of tabs below.  Choose the \"Generate HTML and IMG Code.  You will then see a group of boxes with different codes to use.  Select the one that is labeled \"IMG images for message boards\" and copy the IMG code enclosed in brackets.  Then you \"paste\" this entire code into your post wherever you want it.  When you save your post the images will appear within the text. 

***One word of caution for everyone who uses this method!!***  PLEASE make sure you resize BEFORE you download the image in Photobucket.  Otherwise, you will overload the photo folder preventing everyone else form loading images on the board. 

We are in the process of seeing what we can do about our images and I was cautioned by others that we should  refrain from posting our photos this way, unless we resize them beforehand.  So take note and please, everyone comply with this request. 

Thanks guys!


Just trying this out. If I did it right, this is a picture of my 2 1/2 year old daughter Ilona.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Gray Wolf:

After some discussion and a bit of digging Keith and I have discovered that if you use PhotoBucket, you don\'t have to worry about image sizing.  By using the IMG codes provided by PhotoBucket, you can share your high resolution images easily and without worry about using up our bandwidth.  The images are stored on PhotoBucket and all of the bandwidth or storage is kept there.  It won\'t affect our capacity or quality on the forum.

So all of you who wish to share more photos and use your high res images, go to and sign up.  It\'s free and easy to use.  If you have any questions about how to load your images, just ask me and I\'ll give you the \"blow by blow\" description.

\"Free at last!  Free at last!  There\'s a great day a\'comin\', I\'m free at last!\"

If no one minds, I will go through this issue step by step.

1. Make sure to remember where you loaded your pictures on the computer. Sounds simple, but I have known people that have downloaded from their cameras and coldn\'t find where they put the pics. Usually, it will go into a picture folder automatically...usually that

2. Go to and get open an account. Once that is opened, you can start the fun part of posting.

3. To upload pictues, click upload images. If you have only one or two pictures, just click browes and load them up. If you are loading many pictures, click Bulk upload. Select the photo\'s you want to upload to Photobucket.

4. Once you are uploaded, go to bottom right of screen, and click \"show all\".  That will put all your pictures on the same screen. Under each picture there is a checkbox. Check each box for the pictures you want to upload to LINP.

5. Now, go to the bottom of the screen and click \"Generate HTML and IMG code\".

6. This screen has 5 different information downloads for you.  The one you want is \"IMG clickable thumbnails for message boards\".  This will put a thumbnail picture on your post that when clicked will enlarge. Highlight ALL the information in this box and right click your mouse. Click copy.

7. Open LINP and the topic you want to upload the pictures to. (either add to someone else\'s post or start your own). If you have more than one picture, and you want them to show up vertically in your post, you have to seperate each picture. Remember that each picture starts with a [URL  and ends with a [/URL].  If you put a space or two between pictures, you can add text between pictures.

So, if done properly you insert...

A couple of spaces and you have room to....

write in a few lines about each photo...

Thats it! If you have any questions, just ask... 8)

Gray Wolf:
We don\'t mind at all, bro!  In fact at least one other guest was just asking how to do this so he could put together a small photo essay of his travels.  This is exactly what we needed!  Thanks for your help! 

This is what makes our group special, IMHO.  A group of people all working together to help one another, whether it be assistance in posting photos or learning which resident visa is best for your needs.  LinPC has it all!  Great postings all around!

Now, where are those 873 photos of my last trip?   ;D


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