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If you have U S† CITI bank† acct you can use your

ATM in Quezon City, Makati and Cebu branches to get
US $ cash. You will get what they allow on daily basis
so if you need more you have just to go back there everyday
to get the maximum amount you need.
Good luck,

 You can check conversion tables on line measurements surface and liquids if you have time.
You can check peso exchange online also at exchange as finding the baseline.
If you have green dollars in Manila area go to big SM malls Private money changer.
I like the one in Asia malls money changer.
Best regards,


--- Quote from: richardsinger on January 16, 2012, 10:43:23 AM ---There is a limit of USD10K cash that you can carry with you when you enter Philippines.


--- End quote ---

I just returned from a short trip to Singapore, and after seeing the signboards in Manila airport, I realise that my statement above is totally wrong. You truth is that you can bring as much cash as you want into Philippines, however if it is over USD 10K you must declare it at Customs as part of their anti money-laundering efforts.

Sorry for the misinformation.


Cool! I dont think that would be a problem unless you have to show the money. Then, you will probably end up in a ditch somewhere with your throat cut.


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