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Retiring to the Philippines after 30 years

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Hello All,

I\'m new on this site and glad I found it!  :D
I brought my wife to San Diego from the PI back in 1981 on a marriage visa, and we got married in 1981. We met in Angeles City and have been happily married since.
We are looking into retiring there soon. We have lots of family there in the PI. One of our relatives lives in Cavite and does Real Estate.
I read through the blogs on the various visas and the 13a spousal visa is probably the one we need.
I am wondering since my wife (who is now a US citizen since 1983) has been away for 30+ years would she still be considered a Philippine citizen?
Would she just need a US passport to go there, or would she also need a visa?

Thanks, Dan S.

I cant answer the specifics, but I believe that she can get her citizenship back through the Philippine embassy/consulate. Just call them. Any filipino, or child of a filipino born in the RP, can get their citizenship.


Yes we\'ll check with the embassy, however several filipinas here at work say she would be OK.

Dan and wife: Welcome back.
Good decision Dan,
She can even apply for dual citizenship if she want.
Took us one morning from start to finish at the L A consulate.
Me and wife are both Pinoys and decided to retire here last August 2010.
Advantage is she can own real estate without any problem if she is dual citzn.
Yes you need passport anytime you get out of U S.
Start looking for a place you want to retire to in case Cavite is not the place.
Be very careful on real estate deals. Don\'t make fast decision until you are
there and know what is really going on. It takes a while to know enough
and not all relatives are dependable when it comes to money.
watch your money very closely.
Good luck and best regards,

if you had any children before she became a citizen the are philippine citizens by birthright you just have to register it at the consulate. That way if something happens to your Asawa the property will go to your children not her family since it will be in her name and you cannot own land unless you are a Philippine citizen.


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