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Japan backed subway coming to Manila

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I think this is a big need in Manila, as well as other cities.  Sad it took this long to get something going.  But a single line will not be enough.  While a good start, they need to plan for more lines to cross and merge together with this line. 

Also talk about the high speed connector from Manila to Angeles City and the airport.  That will be a welcome addition.  I just hope the long terms plans are to run that all the way to the airport in Manila.  That will do a lot of good for the airport issues with too many flights for not enough gates.

And I was all excited because I thought you meant a food type subway restaurant.  8)

Travelling Bob:
I was thinking the same thing as you Lee



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Uhmmm ..... Flooding, earthquakes ..... Hello?

Having troubles with above ground rail systems, and we wanna take them subterranean?

Kinda like building a poorly designed nuclear reactor .... on a fault in an densely populated, earthquake prone area ..... right on the ocean coast.

Wait ........ what?


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