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Hi all

New to the site and I really like what what I'm reading. My friend had Joined (site snipped) and I've heard his stories so I decided to join a site. Did a little research,, had friends in my youth who were Filipino and I loved their family so I joined a site.

Initial reaction: What the hell did I just sign up for! Naked pics invites, one girl who was a web site stripper who needed search and rescue. Multiple "Hey baby, how are you,, hope you're having a good day" followed by the obligatory sob story and either the hint of a need for money or the outright request for money in trade for pics of my choosing. Dating site 101!

That was the bad, obviously.

Then the sublime. Conversations with women of minimal English ability, which is not a deal breaker by any means but makes it hard to discern a real flow.

I then met someone who,, in text can communicate in a real flow and has intellect, wit, loves classic rock, Yes, a Filipina who loves my old guy music. And she doesn't seem to be full of Tampo,, she can joke, tease, and shes got great Sass. She likes sarcasm and loves that we are both,, in her words,, Dorks. She likes that I want to talk about the deeper subjects, All the steps we might have in front of us and she is tempered in her excitement which is a more mature approach than I had expected

I don't know what all to say at this time other than,, if this keeps up I will be posting more of what I hope is a wonderful experience. I am sure I will have a thousand questions as I move forward,, so , thank you all in advance


Welcome to the forum Craig, hope you enjoy the site. I snipped out the name of the site you posted, we try to keep this as a family type site so everyone can enjoy it, so please keep that in mind for future posts. You might also like to read the rules if you have not already.

Hope to hear more about your experiences and see you posting more in general. Seems you found a great lady who understands our sarcasm and jokes, hope it all works out for you both, it took years for my wife to understand some of my jokes and sarcasm.

Thanks Lee

And I knew that too,, I just went on autopilot with my typing,, thank you for the reminder and your work here on the forum


Gray Wolf:
Welcome to the group, Montanacal! You story sounds familiar! Just from the brief intro, I'd say you may have found your gem!
Looking forward to hearing more about your budding relationship! Without being too specific, what part of the islands is your girl from?

Hi Grey Wolf and others
Well,, the up date is this. In February I am planning a trip, to Lipa. So far things are going well. She is very busy and we dont really have a schedule that we can regularly keep but enough to have those times when I'm really looking forward to seeing her on. The fluidity of our conversations is something that am really surprised at. Compared to other conversations I had had in the past, which were stilted at best this is completely comfortable.

So here is where I might canvas the group for info. I plan on flying there in February and she is going to meet me in Manila and we are either going to take the bus ( this is where info comes in handy) or I will rent a car. If we take the bus down to Lipa I am planning on renting a car there for a couple days at least though I imagine that we will spend a lot of time on foot.

There are a couple places I have looked at staying while in Lipa. But not knowing possible pitfall in motels Ill have to go with looks and see what happens.

One thing I am interested in is any custom or appropriate gesture towards her mom like gift giving to her as a show of respect. I like those kinds of gestures as long as it is culturally acceptable to give a memento. Anyway, not much more to report.


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