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Those darn lizards!

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--- Quote from: JoeLP on July 08, 2017, 02:25:06 PM ---I don't mind them as long as they stay on the walls and not the ceilings.  Tina found some "foam/rubber" style balls.  On top of those my parents sent some hackey sacs and hard foam balls for the kids and they no longer use.  I started aiming for the lizards on the ceiling when i saw them and in about 3 months they rarely went up there.  After about a year they just stopped.  Once in a while we still see one up there but even my doubting Tina(She swore there was no way to stop them) now will throw a ball at one.  Been months since we last saw one trying out the danger zone.

--- End quote ---

Interesting. I will give this a try too. It must mean they have some kind of memory or awareness of the danger...

If the house is clean and disinfected every day Plus adequate netting on every window, there will be no mosquitos and consequently no geckos.

My wife is horrified of lizards, even though she grew up here.  The way we deal with it is of course A/C, but we seal windows and doors but if you have to open them make sure you have a screen on windows and doors.  Seal everything including electrical

Second, get rid of the food source which is insects.  We use a variety of insect killers but we fumigate at least on a monthly basis.  This has significantly reduce the amount of lizards inside for the exception of a lone rogue once in a while.  My wife is a neat freak so the house is usually spotless.  No food is ever left out in the open..

This has helped us cope... and restored my sanity..


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