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Ron Prince


Well, what a great place to hang out...I\'ve been lurking in the shadows for about 10 months and have only snickered at some of the solutions offered to the many that ask things 57 times or more. The patience of all involved, is nothing short of amazing. Thank you for providing this place for discussion of all the important things we all need to know, living here is not easy, and this forum is very important to all of us that have come here seeking a different life, from what we have previously lived.
I came here seeking a more reasonable cost of living for retirement, and a new love to enhance my life. I am proud to now say I have an Asawa, that is the Love of my life. She is 44 and is employed by the Government.
I thank all of you that sent congrats and memorable messages, about my happiness. I look forward to meeting some of you at a later date.

Good things come to those who wait Ron. Good luck to you and your wife. Happy new year. Cheers Bob


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