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First visit in 40 years !!!!

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I plan on visiting the Phil. this winter for about 2 to 3 months.  Would I be better off renting a furnished apt. in Manila until I get my feet wet, or a Hostel?  Thanks, Coldfeet

Gray Wolf:
Hi coldfeet!  Welcome to the group!

The quick answer is a pension house or at least a cheaper hotel before you rent.  You can\'t rent until you get there anyway.  

Since this is your first post, I have to ask, why Manila?  A lot has changed in the last 40 years and I doubt whether you\'d even recognize Manila.  Plus it is the worst city for driving that I\'ve ever experienced.

Yes, always best to get a base from which to work from.  Not sure what you could rent for just a month or two, but others will probably have a better idea. If you stay in a decent pension that may be the most cost efficient way, especially if you do some travelling out of Manila.

Jack is right, do you want to spend all your time there? I have spent a small amount of time in Manila during each of my previous 4 visits, but I would not want to be there nonstop for several months. Apart from anything else I don\'t think my otherwise healthy lungs would appreciate it.

I remember during one hot and arduous day traipsing round the most polluted areas I felt that all the pollution I inhaled kept me going, it was that bad. My advice; see Manila and then do some travelling.


I have to agree with others, a pension house until you know what part of town you want to live in and maybe even a pension house for the whole stay since it will be a set price and you can usually negotiate longer stay terms.

Thanks for your reply on Manila.  I was under the impression that I needed to check in with the US embassy  and I think I should also check in with the US VA med center.  Other than that, I would like to take a ferry and see the Islands and decide from there where I want to raise my garden and chickens.  Thanks again, Ron


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