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Author Topic: apparently sometimes even workers for big companies may not be trustworthy  (Read 13172 times)

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In the Philippines it is always let the buyer beware, I think more so than in first world countries but what do I know. While this is from 2016 it should still be a learning experience for all expats.
British National Accuses Alveo Land, Serendra Inc. Of Condominium Fraud
Four officials of Alveo Land, land developer of the upscale and high-end property unit of Ayala Land, are facing criminal charges of fraud after a British National found that the sales documents covering three Serendra condominium units and two units in Legazpi Columns in Taguig and Makati were faked.
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Is that his Filipina wife with him in the picture having dinner?
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Is that his Filipina wife with him in the picture having dinner?

Probably the attorney who was mentioned as being with him in the press conference. < ... Atty. Argee Guevarra, lawyer of Gudgeon,  ... >

Any later news around, as < ...  preliminary investigation scheduled on April 12, Tuesday.  ... > ?

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