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Murf\'s Poem To Jennifer



ok my first entry in the poem section one left for my wife for when she got up, i wrote it, went to the wet market at 5;30, got her a red rose with some babies breath, place it on a pillow we use for decoration as i had plenty of time she doesn\'t stir until between 7 and 7:30

Here goes.

My Darling Baby Girl,
Its 4am and time for me to join the world.
As you lie sleeping in beauty full
Looking as brilliant and luminous as ever night star…
I stop to wonder where you are…

Are your dreams and thoughts of me this night?
Are you safe and sound and free from fright?
One can only hope with all ones heart,
How far we have come from such a small simple start.

A greeting first small but polite, then a letter or two came in the night
To be delivered the next day and my heart stood still for this woman I was
Falling in love with wrote me still.

Even when I said I did not have much, she moved forward, yes with patience of job,
And being just a man I sort of got told

Good things do not happen overnight,
For love is something well worth the fight,

Not the fight of normal folk of ugliness and strife, but
Just the everyday fight we all seem to have just with life.
We work on our faith, marriage, and love of each other every day,

And that’s why I must go now before I say,
For tears are starting to stream down my checks

Not of sadness but eternal bliss
To Thank the angles up above I could be treated like this

Deserve you I surely don’t
But you have looked past the warts and read my heart…
For my darling Baby Girl

I can promise you this, to love, honor, obey you,
And we will never be apart.

You have made me whole again
For once I was so

But time and unforeseen occurrences changed all that for but a while
And has all been brought back by your smile.
To simply say thank you is never enough,
Your heart is the purest I have known.

And because of that I have grown,
I will along this path make some mistakes,

It’s s possible to do that I Know I can,
For the simple fact remains I am but a Man

A man who loves and worships you with all his heart and soul
And will do so, forever and the day after

Until the last Bell tolls!

Your loving and grateful husband



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