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Gray Wolf:
Bear with me. I'm struggling with this a little. I may ramble and make mistakes. Gerlie Lirasan, my dear, sweet kapatid Gerlie has died. Details are skimpy but from what I gathered from her brother in a PM she had been killed in a possible hit and run motorcycle accident.  Do not know if she was a passenger and got hit, or if she was walking and got hit by a cycle.
The family is undeniably distraught and I am reluctant to probe too much out of respect. But this one is close. Too close. Gerlie and I were good friends from the days of past when I was Admin for the Yahoo group. I went to visit Don Herrington in early 2011 when we had started this new forum format and finally got to meet Gerlie face to face, after working together for a few years on the old group. My wife Gloria immediately took to Gerlie and the two became close during our visit. I asked to be Ninong to her son James Carl and have been happily watching him grow through pictures posted on Gerlie's FB page. As I find more info, if I find more info, I'll update everyone.
Rest in peace kapatid
Gerlie Lirasan - January 19, 1985 - March 8, 2023

Sorry to hear the sad news, may she rest in peace and condolences to the family. :(

Gray Wolf:
Gloria and Gerlie October 2011

Steve & Myrlita:
 :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[Oh God! So young. I hope the one responsible is held to account. :RIP

Real sad news Gray Wolf and my condolances.


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