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British tourist stuck in Cebu city during ECQ, urgently needs accommodation

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I suggest you tell him to read the info at the following link, specifically that which pertains to commercial flights and travel to departure airports.
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As well as the paragraph dealing with "cannot afford the travel costs "

I cannot understand how he is in that situation, as the FCO has for many weeks, been arranging numerous sweeper flights, many from Cebu, to get stranded tourists to Manila and onto specially chartered, UK bound, flights.

An example. FCO press release dated 21 April <  > when they had the system up and running. That is just one of the many alerts/messages/PRs from the Embassy, around that time (I had my first one on this subject on 31 March.)
Somewhere in the region of 9,000 tourists, AFAIU, have been repatriated from the Philippines to date.

Many options, apparently all missed. A question may be asked as to why he is still here?


Thank you Peter for your message;

I 'll transfer all this important information about return flights to John;

This morning i tried to contact British Consulate in Cebu and asked Consulate in Manila about their correct address - and got e-mail informed me about - British Consulate in Cebu doesn't exist any more, they have no any representative person in Cebu as well.

Thus, while the documents for leaving the country are not ready yet, for John problem about acommodation remains relevant.



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