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Title: Murfs House
Post by: geno555 on June 04, 2009, 04:29:21 PM
( (¤t=hollowblock9JPGe.jpg)

Part of the Hollow Block Machine.

( (¤t=hollowblock8JPGe.jpg)

The inside of the Hollow Block Machine.

( (¤t=hollowblock7JPGe.jpg)

Sand truck in from 6 provinces away for its finishing qualities.

( (¤t=hollowblock6.jpg)

Some finished Hollow Blocks only 40 per bag of cement.

( (¤t=hollowblock2JPGe.jpg)

Julianne, my hollow block maker, the best at his trade in two things, making hollow blocks and being a drunk, but i dont give a hoot about his drinking as long as it isn\'t on my time, and as yet he is one hard working man.

( (¤t=hollowblock1JPGe.jpg)

Here he is on the machine itself he is tireless.

( (¤t=hollowblock9JPGe-1.jpg)

The top form to the machine.

( (¤t=hollowblock18JPGe.jpg)

Wish I could explain more, but i just know there is a lot more men working digging more dirt away feeding up electrical wires through the middle of the columns, other than that it looks like there starting on the second floor, a guess only??

( (¤t=hollowblock17JPGe.jpg)

Men digging along the foundation side which faces east.

( (¤t=hollowblock15JPGe.jpg)

A view up top?

( (¤t=hollowblock14JPGe.jpg)

I actually know what this is, it is a room, that i knew i didn\'t design in the house, but they are going to cover it, to work on the electrician switches in case of rain.

( (¤t=hollowblock12.jpg)

Another view up top west hand side.

( (¤t=hollowblock11JPGe.jpg)

How it looks at break time....

( (¤t=hollowblock13JPGe.jpg)

Rear back view.

( (¤t=hollowblock16.jpg)

Boy cleaning out sluice slide.

( (¤t=hollowblock10.jpg)

More Hollow Blocks just out of mold.

( (¤t=murfshome2JPGrs.jpg)

Sure looks like I have a very long way to go?† Oh well

The Murf.
Title: Re: Murfs House
Post by: on June 04, 2009, 04:44:11 PM
† † †  your hollow block maker might have some Irish in him lol working hard and drinking hard. Sure sounds like us. Things are progressing fairly quick from the first pics..they\'ll likely steam on ahead now. Yeeha.
Title: Re: Murfs House
Post by: fred on June 04, 2009, 05:41:22 PM
Looks like the posts are up and the forms now going in for connecting beams..Once they have been poured the posts will be extended to go up to the planned height..If you are having a concrete floor then get ready to watch a whole lot more coco lumber,plywood and rebar to appear!!
We had all our cement poured using ready made cement trucks..It saves lots on labour cost and time in general..Obviously they are not always available depending on location etc.
Title: Re: Murfs House
Post by: grizzi on June 04, 2009, 06:46:25 PM
Wow...bringing back memories of when we built our house.† Lots of 9 & 12mm rebar (most of it 12mm), tons of coco lumber (after we were done with it I think they made a new sqatters area in leyte...sorry if it was near any of the forum members homes ;D), and I probably paid for the largest volume of Tuba ever delivered to a jobsite.† Well, the house is up, its been doing well for a year so far, and only a few leaks that we fixed quickly in the roof.

Get ready Murf...the fun really begins when they go totally verticle... :D

Hang in there and keep us posted!

God Bless you, your family, and that new house! 8)