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Title: Finally got electricity can ressume work tommorow!
Post by: geno555 on September 10, 2009, 01:32:46 PM

Well not much to report on the progress of the house, for today after a 7 week wait we finding got hooked up with our own electricity so the boys can finding start welding the rood tomorrow without fear of burning this place down.
About two weeks ago I stopped fretting over the whole issue as my wife said why are letting this whole thing make you sick when you by now how things work in the RP, slow or slower, she said if you really want it down any sooner just ask our next door neighbor who has worked for electric company like forever , and I saw him one night at told look old buddy I will see to it that you never run out of long neck on the weekend again in you get me a damn electricity hooked up to my house. Well that was last Thursday, he takes off from work almost every Friday, Supervisor benefits I guess lol, Monday was a legal holiday and today is only Thursday and her was here bright and early with a crew at 6:30 am, done by 8am, so tomorrow we will resume work.

Here are a few pictures where you at least see the arched widows the master bedroom upstairs, the recreation room .The steel bars, I know there for the roof but I don\'t if the cross beams or the uprights.

I don\'t feel “I lost the argument, but it is a house for my wife and her future, I have lived a good one so I can in on the white roof issue even though I believe to be more cost reducing, but she just is stuck with my original design of the red roof so I thought the better part of valor and care for her wishes would be to just be stuck with a higher electric bill each month.
I just started to say I would just regroup the money on their COLA but I see how our new administration has decided that for all federal employees , civil servants, Railroad Pensioners, VA compensation pension beneficiaries  and all Social Security entitlements whether regular retirement or disability there is no more COLA for any of us.
Hey but that\'s life too, the people of American wanted him they got him and although I have a lot to say on the subject this is not the place to spout my empty rhetoric in what I think about Harry, Nancy or the President of the United States, I cast my vote, I lost, so that is the end of that story just hope it doesn\'t turn into a nightmare for those living there.

Hope to have some better pictures next week to share with you all.

The Murf

( (¤t=thursdayseptember10th1jpged.jpg)

The steel girdeers, i dont know for which part cross beams or horizontal

( (¤t=thursdayseptember10th10-1.jpg)

A window in the recreation room.

( (¤t=thursdayseptember10th2jpged.jpg)

The arched window facing the morning sun

( (¤t=thursdayseptember10th3jpged.jpg)

The curved one side of the Family Room , so I can conceal all the plumbing and pumps for the 180 gallon Marine Reef Tan

( (¤t=thursdayseptember10th4jpged.jpg)

Upstairs  guest bedroom

( (¤t=thursdayseptember10th5jpged.jpg)

another start of a guest bedroom

( (¤t=thursdayseptember10th6jpged.jpg)

 morning sun porch facing the rising sun, You can see the hole where the slinging glass door and screen will go.

( (¤t=thursdayseptember10th7.jpg)

( (¤t=thursdayseptember10th8.jpg)

the North wall of one of the guest bedrooms

The back windows facing North in the Master  Bedroom looks narrow but really not for there is a whole row of light blue glass blocks that will separate the Jacuzzi , , shower  and toilet and sink from the rest of the room so you actually won\'t need a door for the glass will come up to almost 4 feet blue glass, pretty cool stuff you can see through it, but only distorted figures not anything you would be ashamed of letting someone see.

( (¤t=thursdayseptember10th10.jpg)

honesty dont know, cant be a bedroom for it is too small, maybe the tests bathroom and shower? No one working to day to ask?

Title: Re: Finally got electricity can ressume work tommorow!
Post by: dylanaz on September 10, 2009, 05:48:30 PM
Finally its back on ! GRATZ !
Title: Re: Finally got electricity can ressume work tommorow!
Post by: geno555 on September 10, 2009, 06:05:41 PM
Finally its back on ! GRATZ !

Thank you my friend I figured you would be one who posted first, cause the type of nice person you are... :)