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Title: Differances from city to province
Post by: jonnyivy on October 15, 2009, 04:38:39 AM
Its only a wee story, and its my own interpretation of what I find is so welcoming living in the province rather than the city.
Its normally always sunny down on the south west coast of Cebu, even when its reported as heavy rain in the city and other parts of the Philippines. I\'m getting used to being woken gently by the sounds of the roosters every morning, or the occasional dog barking at someone passing by the window. I usually take myself down to the front door while my wife pours my first and only cup of coffee for the day. I can\'t wait to open the door and go and sit on the small concrete wall of the veranda,... and smell the air  !! All around there are so many mothers / grannies,.. standing tending to whatever they are cooking on the smoky dirty kitchens next to the house. I just love the ambiance of this early morning haze, the smell of the smoking coconut shells burning away on the cooker, and looking up through the small shady trees to see the rays of the sun filtering through this blue haze.

Its about 6 O\'Clock in the morning, but mostly all the neighbors have been up for ages. One of the uncles, who lives next door, comes up the path from the main road to tell us all how many fish the local shipyard have caught and tells me there is lots of folk gathered on the road if I want to go down and watch the catch being unloaded. I just take my coffee with me and walk the 200 yards to the road(which runs beside the beach). The sun is much brighter down here as I casually walk among the locals, keeping an eye open, and ear listening for the ever present motorbikes trundling back and forth. I\'ve never really needed to try and be everybody\'s friend here in the village, but word soon got round what my name was years ago and I hear many shouts from the little groups of folk blessing me with their \"good morning Uncle John\". I will always reply, knowing there will be a response of some shy smiles or big smiles with a laugh attached. If I recognise anyone from the family, I will wander over and ask them all how they are today.

The way these folk make you feel like you are so much a part of their everyday living is brilliant, asking if I want a handfull of small free fish to take home for breakfast? I\'m a smoker, so I often will just prop myself up against a tree, and light up while watching the last of the small canoe type fishing boats come back in from their very early morning fishing trip. The wives are all busy at the side of the road, waiting for their boat to arrive, knowing already how many fish he\'s caught as he\'s phoned her on his way back in. The excitement on their faces as they load the small fish into an icebox, sorting out small handfulls for their closer family to rush back home with, the rest going to the local wet market for the wife to sit and sell all day. After the rush, there\'s the usual small group left standing, mostly friends of mine who know that the cigarette packet will be passed around as it was the previous morning. We have a wee blether, deciding what we could do today to keep me entertained. Whatever it turns out to be, there is always a few bottles of the red horse appears to liven thing up !

One morning though, I decided to take a walk all the way along to the village centre,... just for the walk, because I\'d never done it before without being on the bike or in the car. Its a good half hours walk there. I was so surprised as I walked farther than I\'d been before, yet still folk were still calling over to me \"uncle John \" with a great big smile. Old men, young teenagers, kids from the school, old ladies,...they all had a smile for me. I stopped for half an hour at the centre, had a beer (yes, 10 am ) before heading back home. Just as I was passing the church, a young guy, walking the other way, was shouting over to me ,.. something about a snake ,.. someone has a snake further along,.. \"go see it\". Ten minutes later , as I approached a small gathering of guys, young and old,.. I saw it.  It was strung up from a tree, obviously already dead, with a lad skinning it. They invited me over to see it, you could see they were so proud of their catch, asking me would I like to take a piece home to eat ? I stayed for a while, watching the guy, very carefully skin this snake, while I entertained the crowd by trying to explain with hands and face expressions, that I didn\'t fancy it. The cigarettes went round again, and after some good laughs from them and me, I set off back home.

Had to slow down at the field where the old farmer was ploughing, his carabao well coated in mud, to stop it getting sunburned I suspect? He just jostled back and forward with this single furrow plough, guiding this huge animal up and down towards the road. He even had the grace to take his hand off the plough to give me a smile and a wee wave too ! Its about 11 am now and I arrive back home, heading straight for the cold water dispenser , I\'m parched, soaking with sweat , but happy as Larry !
Then the wife appears from the dish washing area round the back of the house,... \" so where have you left your coffee cup today then ??? \"  Oops,... its along at the village in the wee cafe,... best get the motorbike out and go get it ( again ).

Its always a laugh with all the locals when I return to get the cup, word gets around, especially with the fishwife\'s opposite the cafe, who screech like only Filipina\'s can, when they laugh out loud !!
THATS WHY I love the province compared to the city !!



Title: Re: Differances from city to province
Post by: dylanaz on October 15, 2009, 06:46:36 AM
they were so proud of thier catch, asking me would I like to take a piece home to eat ?

Deep fried with tabasco ! Tastes just like alligator !

But it dont taste like chicken... frog tastes like rabbit and rabbit tastes like chicken.
Title: Re: Differances from city to province
Post by: c_a_p_t_a_i_n_r_o_n on October 15, 2009, 08:47:08 AM
Nice post

Shoulda bought the skin jonny and had some custom made shoes made while over there

Just a do they understand your scots tinted \"English\" or does the wife translate for you?  ;)
Title: Re: Differances from city to province
Post by: grizzi on October 15, 2009, 02:14:52 PM
 :D  Ha, Ha...looks like you had a good time. I always enjoy getting out and meeting local barangay folks.  The first time I helped with the \"balling\" net...they were just having a great time watching the kano pulling in the nets.  Fond memories that I expect to keep me smiling when I\'m away on business.  Thanks for the story!
Title: Re: Differances from city to province
Post by: jonnyivy on October 15, 2009, 03:54:50 PM
The town where we live in Scotland has one of the strangest \"slang\" on the Scots accent. We shorten most English words and even make up our own, (similar to Aberdonians if you\'ve been up that coast ? ) My wife has picked up this way of speaking so well since she lived and worked in the local supermarket here.
Now, when we go over to visit her folks (most are fluent in English), we can turn the tables on them by speaking to each other in our own unique tongue. You can see them straining their ears to try to pick-up an occassional word so they know what we are talking about . Most of the ex-pat Americans comment on how good it is to hear a Scot\'s accent, but I tell them that I\'m really trying hard to \"soften\" my Scottish into English so they can understand me.
\"wanna beer\" never seems to have any problems !!

Title: Re: Differances from city to province
Post by: Braddo on October 16, 2009, 07:35:56 AM
Nice story Jonny, I do the same when I am at our house in Asturias i love to walk past the villages see there smiles as I have only been to our house for 4 weeks this year I like you am surprised at how many people call out to me. Yes I get the few that yell out Hi Joe, but I just yell back not Joe,\" Bob\" and next day they have it right.

The province is the only way for me I love the sounds the laughter and the peacefull evenings sitting in our Nippa Hut out front enjoying a whisky or beer listening but not always understanding the local chis mis

I go to Balamban every day to shop and visit the wet market all the woman know me there as I am always on the hunt for Mud Crabs or similar then go to a little snack bar for smoko, I can sit for hrs watching the locals doing their daily chores , they are always laughing and smiling god I miss it already

Where is your home in RP Jon mustn\'t be too far away from us?

Title: Re: Differances from city to province
Post by: jonnyivy on October 16, 2009, 08:00:28 PM
Not sure where Asturias is Braddo, to get to our village, drive south from Cebu city to Car-car, at the roundabout I take the \"mountain road\" via barili , which takes you over onto the south west coast. Ginatilan is down that coast, just before Samboan, then further on is Li-loan where the ferry port to Dumagueti is. Then the road starts to bring you back up the east side again. Nice area down there, seems to be quite sheltered from bad weather,.. but when it does rain,.. its heavy !!

Title: Re: Differances from city to province
Post by: c_a_p_t_a_i_n_r_o_n on October 17, 2009, 03:04:16 AM
Asturias (unless there\'s more than one of them in Cebu) is along NW coast a little ways north of Toledo
Title: Re: Differances from city to province
Post by: Braddo on October 17, 2009, 04:23:42 AM
Yes your right Captain Asturias is nth of Toledo I see on the map where you are Jon a bit more further south that us I am planning to venture down that way next trip to have a look around you have some nice waterfalls and parks down there. I would like to pop in and say hello if we get there. but that won\'t be till February 2010

Title: Re: Differances from city to province
Post by: jonnyivy on October 17, 2009, 11:46:17 PM
I\'m still waiting for the day when I can meet a fellow form member in Cebu, I think it would be good to see any of the members for a drink and a blether. We go over quite often, 2 or 3 times a year, but we\'re cutting back now that our little girl is 2 years old now  so we have to pay full price for her seat on the plane too. Last visit was just past in september, and my wife has suggested I go over by myself next month (November 16th ) to set out plans and do some work on the house we just bought. It was february that we were supposed to be going over. If your down by Ginatilan, visit the town centre and the market-place and take the short trip up the mountain to see Inambakan falls, very laid back folk down that way, very friendly,.. just ask for kuya Mike,.. tell him Jonny sent you !! ( haha )