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Title: Restore Promised Medical Benefits to Veterans (Military Retirees) Living in The
Post by: on October 11, 2010, 08:17:54 PM
For those of you that are not aware, military retirees are literally fighting for their lives in the Philippines. The Tricare Management Activity has made significant modifications to the medical benefit in the Philippines. These, sometimes secret and almost never well publicized, policies severely limit what providers we can see and require that we take local global medical bills and convert them to itemized medical bills as are required in the U.S. and then to determine the medical codes for each procedure or supply so we can further look up the CMAC so we can distribute the global bill across each procedure. The U.S. unique billing and coding system is not used or understood here or most other countries around the world so the providers cannot assist in this. Nowhere else in the world are military retirees required to do this and even Active Duty and their families are exempt for this requirement in the Philippines as well as having 100% of the cost of their care found to be within the maximum allowed amount because they have a different CMAC. So if we see the same doctor for the same condition and have the same bill we may find we have to pay 80% of the cost of our care while the active duty family members pay only their normal cost share of 20%.

All adults can sign this petition, you do not have to be military. So please read the petition and if you feel we the retired military members in the Philippines are being cheated of their medical benefits please take the time and sign.

You can read and signed the petition Restore Promised Medical Benefits to Veterans (Military Retirees) Living in The Philippines

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