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Title: Almost there! - Quezon City
Post by: Friscomama on February 16, 2011, 06:31:02 AM
Hello again everybody,

I have been MIA since August 2010, working my tushy off here in the USA, tying up loose ends and simultaneously working on our business in Quezon City.

I\'m nervous as heck, trying to find some comfort that me and my business partners are going to succeed and no matter how much I try to comfort myself with statistics, news info, numbers, etc, it\'s really all up to us on how successful our new adventure will be.

As a Filipino-American growing up in the United States, I\'m still frustrated at the slowness of the culture back home.  With all of the technological devices we have in able to work faster and more efficiently, it seems that a lot of the Filipinos back home still have the mentality of \"whenever I get to it\" and constantly tardy at meetings!  So frustrating!  For example, we had a meeting with a general contractor once and this guy arrived 1.5 hours late!  >:(  He has all of our numbers, why couldn\'t he call or text us so we can perhaps do something else rather than just sitting there and waiting!  We called him several times to ensure he\'s okay, but he didn\'t answer!

I guess the culture hasn\'t changed much since I left the country as a little girl... but it\'s so frustrating to have to wait for 98% of the items we request, even simple ones!

Anyway, sorry for the rant.  Any advice you can give this Filipino-American heading back home to do business would be greatly appreciated.  :D

Thank you,
Title: Re: Almost there! - Quezon City
Post by: daddymac on February 16, 2011, 09:52:59 AM
I live in Ilocos Norte and know what you are talking about, my now deceased father-in-law used to say bye and bye. I never knew what he was saying till I moved here over a year ago, like you said they will do it when they feel like it. Since being here I have had many projects to do and being an American I get very impatient when things slow up. so to take care of the mentality that is here about someone that is dragging their ass, I fire them and get someone who is willing to work. You come from the States so you are rich (that is the mentality) and they think you need them, BULL. Fire those people and hire others and then the word will get out that you don\'t take any s***. (sorry for the bad language) By the way, the worst thing you can do is hire a relative, they will take advantage of you the most. I\'m not a business person but I know what I have observed. Good luck and watch everyone.

Take care
Stephen in Ilocos Norte