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Title: Hello everyone! EU guy :)
Post by: Blom on August 06, 2016, 08:06:34 PM
Hello beautiful people, I'm Lars.

I don't think why falling for a brown/dark skinned filipina with big lips and long black hair needs further explanations to most of you guys :)  They often look like angels came down just to sculpt them and they really can sweep you off your feet  :o

So, story goes as for many of us.. I met this dangerously handsome filipina in my country, she winked and I lost all my power and was under her spell..Not fair, but that's life. :)  Then we got married and we decided to move here because of annoying immigration rules in my country. We currently live in the northern part in Angeles City and we have been here for 2 years.

Before arriving I send money and set up a small business by my wife's sisters and made sure the income/profit was sound enough that we would be ok.

Upon arriving I learned all the numbers they send back was pure fiction and they squandered all the money away on god knows what. zero inventory of anything, and they didn't even manage to pay the bills, so we arrived to warnings of internet and electricity would be closed. They also had borrowed money and was expecting us to pay. Furthermore, I had also bought two tricycles before arriving, one they had put in the pawnshop (brand new, never used) and spend the money and the other one had been modded and not really fit for anything except racing, which her little brother was doing quite zealously so it was already damaged here and there and parts missing. It used to be a beautiful black and silver TMX but.. sigh.. I finally got it back, after the police had confiscated it from him.. it did cost me a little though, but I managed to sell it and regain a little of what it had costed.

It took my wife a long time to stop beating them all up, literally & thoroughly(many sticks were broken), after which they were thrown out of the house, a house we could no longer live in because of all the drama and yelling that had made the entire family a "popular" gossip target in the small city.. 6 weeks after arriving, we moved to Angeles City and rented an apartment and have been there ever since. Unfortunately, we had no income and only about 100k pesos left.. and as we all know.. money goes fast.

Lots of instant noodles later, and me trying various business such as selling siomai as well as making shake shake , doing computer repair, gasoline, load and a few other things.. we seemingly found, just in the neck of time, our spot with baking. Apparently, I'm a pretty decent baker.. Who would have known ^^ Bread and cakes... masarap!

So we saved up and bought a second hand small oven.. A bit of work and it actually pays for the apartment, internet, power, and even a bit food. So we hope it will go the right way, growing slowly in sale perhaps and we can start saving up for the rainy days.. although I think I've had enough of those for a lifetime :)

I have often wondered, if I should have gone back, which would have been alone.. then find some more money in my own country.. But I stayed and I got to see a wife that stuck with me faithfully according to her wows.. in good and in bad, in sickness and in health. Also I don't think it's healthy for a new marriage to be separated for many many months. I'm glad I stayed, and I'm glad we made it.

I had a few other run ins with scammers, cheaters, liars and the usual stuff.. So I have now developed a whole new 7th sense that I'm quite happy for :)

Well, that was a little about me. Hope you are all enjoying your evening :)
Title: Re: Hello everyone! EU guy :)
Post by: Lee2 on August 06, 2016, 08:33:16 PM
Welcome to the forum, thank you for your intro, unfortunately some of what you leaned the hard way is what many of us have to learn the hard way, some people who never had money, often cannot be trusted with free money but at the same time, there are many poorer people from the Philippines who are great with money, my wife and one of her nieces are just two. Hope to read more about your adventures and we wish you much luck with your life in the Philippines.
Title: Re: Hello everyone! EU guy :)
Post by: Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am on August 07, 2016, 12:35:55 AM
Blom, "EU guy" welcome!
I'm glad you managed to stay here and making an earnest living. If it were me with no income coming in, I would have packed up asap and took the next plane home alone! I do not do well with Filipino drama in the home. Good luck and best wishes to you and to your faithful wife!
Title: Re: Hello everyone! EU guy :)
Post by: FastWalk on August 07, 2016, 01:28:33 AM
Welcome.  I am also relatively new with this forum,   married, kids,  travel back and forth to/from US and Phills.

Your intro is written well  :)    I think it makes clear sense to anyone that has spent time in the Phills.

The bakery business can be a good one.

Choosing love over money,  now that is an excellent  position!!

Title: Re: Hello everyone! EU guy :)
Post by: lost_in_samoa on August 07, 2016, 06:52:00 AM
Apparently, I'm a pretty decent baker

Outstanding! and congratulations.  Next time we are down in your area I'll look you up and buy some of your wares.

I had a few other run ins with scammers

Just wait until the "We've got a map to Yamashita's treasure" people show up.
Title: Re: Hello everyone! EU guy :)
Post by: bigrod on August 07, 2016, 07:33:41 AM
Welcome to the forum.

Title: Re: Hello everyone! EU guy :)
Post by: Gray Wolf on August 08, 2016, 04:59:35 AM
Welcome to the group, Blom! Wow! You really had some hard lessons to learn quickly! It was a good move to get away from everyone else and find a new place for just you and your wife. I wish you well with your new venture in the bakery business. Watch out for the scammers!
Title: Re: Hello everyone! EU guy :)
Post by: iamjames on August 08, 2016, 11:24:28 PM
A whole encyclopedia of life in the Philippines in your Introduction Lars. And the important point is that you learned quickly. 
I am heading back 'home' to the Philippines in two weeks and have packed a Balikbayan Box - including a BREADMAKER.
Title: Re: Hello everyone! EU guy :)
Post by: Blom on August 24, 2016, 02:14:59 PM
Thank's to all for the warm and fun welcoming notes :)

Three weeks already! .. time's so fast in this place :o
Title: Re: Hello everyone! EU guy :)
Post by: Gray Wolf on August 26, 2016, 07:24:30 AM
Is your bakery business still doing well?
Title: Re: Hello everyone! EU guy :)
Post by: Blom on September 05, 2016, 07:59:14 AM
Hello GW :) Sorry for delay!

It's doing good, but it's not impressive by western standards of income.. It is small and we don't yet have enough work to do, that we can work every day. But maybe that's a good thing? :)

Anyway, it does allow me to pay the bills, and as we know, in the hour of truth.. having food, clothing and roof over your head is more important than driving that Harley V rod while talking on your iphone with the private chef :)

We hope it will grow a little still so we can settle more comfortably..Having a little extra is always nice, not just for fun but also of helping around you. There is more joy in giving than receiving. Also, it's never a bad idea to have cash if you suddenly need serious medical attention or whatever life throws at you.. leaking roof, tricycle stolen ect.

That said. We mainly do resellers. That is, we deliver finished and boxed products to resellers or they pickup, usually with a bonus for every 5 or 10 boxes and bonus for cash payment. We have one girl who is seriously considering quitting her job as selling a few boxes equals her entire daily paycheck.

But some more familiar faces, friends and family, just order privately, 1 or 2 boxes for gifts or just saturday night eating :)  I use the quality I would expect going to the baker in my own country, so only good quality and clean.

Title: Re: Hello everyone! EU guy :)
Post by: Gray Wolf on September 06, 2016, 08:22:49 AM

I'm happy to hear that you are still in business. It's tough to gain a reputation and build your customer base, but continue doing what you're doing. As you said, at least you are eating, paying the bills and keeping a roof over your heads. In today's world that's an accomplishment, in many ways. So many, especially in the Philippines, struggle to have that. Keep up the good work and you may indeed have that V-Rod one day!  ;)

Take care!