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Title: Calling Dumaguetenos
Post by: John Amend-All on April 07, 2008, 05:57:22 PM
Hope I got that right.

We intend to spend a few nights in southern Negros at the end of this month, flying into Dumaguete from Manila. We may be staying one or two nights in the city, then travelling south to my wife\'s birthplace called Santa Catalina.

Would be grateful for any advice and help on; mid range hotels, possibility of vehicle hire, public transport south from Dgte, or anything else you feel I should know.

Thanks and best wishes

Title: Re: Calling Dumaguetenos
Post by: Don on April 24, 2008, 04:56:24 PM
John - Hi.

Just happened to see your question....I don\'t live in Dgte, but when we first arrived here 2 years ago,  we stayed at a clean, a/c , hot water shower pension house about a five minute trycycle ride from the center of town.....Harold\'s Mansion...they have a web site.....

Dgte has a nice waterfront to stroll on, both western and Filipino food on the opposite side of the boulevard..lots of family and girls stroll paste in the some frieghters/ferrys pass by...

The jeepnys going south park at a different location than those going north I can\'t help you on that. I THINK that town may be too far for  jeepy might have to go by Cerres busline.

IF you stay at Harold\'s Mansion, the desk people will help you - or you can always ask for the owner....\"Harold\"....he\'s a yourger Filipino, usualy around there in early evenings....tell him the American \"Don\" he GAVE a T shirt too,  sent ya! If Harold  doesn\'t know how to get to the town you want to go to.....nobody will. (Joking). Oh...they are....WERE....reasonably priced at about 700Pnp nightly....I THINK it was......may be more now....
Good Luck
Don    ..   Amlan, N. Or.
Title: Re: Calling Dumaguetenos
Post by: John Amend-All on April 30, 2008, 11:54:37 AM
B-Ray and Don

Many thanks for your replies. Unfortunately, we left on Wednesday 23 April and have now returned to Isabela!

B-Ray thanks for your info about your upstairs room for rent. I am sure we\'ll be using it in future as we will be going back there. Asawa\'s family on mother\'s side are in the small (and not very interesting) town of Santa Catalina, after Siaton. What we did was spend a night at La Residencia Al Mar on the boulevard. We took the family suite with 2 rooms, 4 beds at P2,250, which I thought was decent value. On the other hand we had to hire a van from a friend of a relative to take us there and he charged P3,000 which I thought was a rip.

Must say I liked the area very much and enjoyed the company of Norma\'s cousins who are jolly, easy going and like drinking. The city itself reminds me of the Mediterranean.

B-Ray any photos of your place will be greatly appreciated. My email is in my profile.

Best wishes