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Title: For those living in Pampanga
Post by: Tim_L on July 06, 2018, 09:58:44 AM
I am thinking of moving to the Pampanga area and I have a few questions.
If someone could help me out, I would be grateful.

Who is the Fibre internet provider for that area?
If you also know, how are their speeds, reliability etc.

What are the best areas to live in around that area. Close to malls, etc.

Who are the cell providers there? What's the data speeds etc. looking like?

Power company: Who handles that in that area?  How is electric stability?

Water company: Who handles the water for the area?

Thank you and appreciate the efforts of anyone that responds.

MODS: If this is the wrong section, my apologies.
Title: Re: For those living in Pampanga
Post by: ABCDeVil on August 13, 2018, 11:15:50 PM
Hi Tim,

I have a few friends living in & around Angeles City. The better internet, is with Converge at P1500 / month for 20mbs. Fairly reliable, as I used the same company in another area and my friends there know its great. As for the others, If you look around for some gated areas, near the Clark freeport zone, then you are still close to malls, hospital etc, reasonably secure. Like anywhere in the Phils, the elec & water are run by local companies, which are reasonable, but it all depends on your specific location. When you rent here, the local elec & water are easily connected, as the previous tenants had these utilities connected, just pay the bill when it arrives, it works like that here, hehe.  Brown-outs "will" happen, its a thing that goes on here, so folks either buy a generator or just put up with it. My friends living near Angeles City, have the same as we all do. In the rainy season, heavy rain & winds do cause a few extra brown-outs, also the hot summer months can cause them too. Mostly, it goes off for about an hour, then all good. Phone providers are Smart, TalkNText, Globe, Sun, these are the big 4, so look them up and see for yourself. Smart has the biggest share of the market. But coverage for all cel companies can be good and bad, this is all over the country. We all deal with it and get on with life. Its not that bad really, as we travel around the country all the time, our cel works most of the time, all good. There is a very good hospital near Angeles City, called Medical City. They have good service and is pay as you go, or before you can check out.

Title: Re: For those living in Pampanga
Post by: Tim_L on August 15, 2018, 08:45:11 AM
Thank you ABC, I appreciate it.