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Author Topic: Our Home, My Thoughts  (Read 1354 times)

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Our Home, My Thoughts
« on: May 25, 2009, 04:29:56 PM »

I sure hope this post ends up saying what I truly feel this day, for it is of such vital importance to me, that I be able to openly tell you of such a wonderful life changing experience that is had taken me some time and thought, through tear soaked eyes to pen to paper my true feelings.
This is a forum where a group a very large group of educated people come and share their experiences, in an effort to help another human being to make his/her life easier in thinking about living, visiting, or retiring in the Philippines.
Like many of you I have belonged to other groups, in fact still read an occasion line or two from the original group, but when I find it full of the same old tired rhetoric about how “negative” some people feel and openly bash the Filipino people as a whole it makes me physically ill.
Thus I leave there and come back here to a place with some sort of order and discipline, for I am a human being who needs order and discipline in their life,, now that is not for everyone, nor should it be but for me “once a marine , always a marine” so I am just a simple jarhead by nature.
I won’t explore this trip with wasted words on those who I have hurt or offended in the past, I have had my say on that, and it’s already a done deal. If I offend anyone this time by either word or action I apologize now, but the only way I can explain this “event” in my life is to tell you of what is in my heart.
This am was really breaking ground day, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were days of endless trucks of gravel sand, wood and dirt being dumped about a half a click (half a mile) up a dirt path that leads to our slice of the “rumble in the jungle”
I didn’t sleep a second all night, going over and over in my mind?( did I read all the post) have I listened to everyone’s advice?, am I doing the right thing or should I just save my money and rent?
You know my wife’s feeling about wanting to be a home/property owner it was in the last post I wrote, if you didn’t read that you won’t be reading this and for that I feel it is your loss.
Except by a few select few I have been highly criticized on here for how I choose to take care of my family. I both applaud you and say “it is none of your business” I respect all others when it how it comes to how they spend their hard earned pensions on what seems like ungrateful, uncaring family members who just want to suckle at the trough of mother sow until the mild runs dry. This day had been a day that I can prove with both pictures and words, the hard work, diligence , respect, loyalty that this extended family of mine has for not only me but me and my wife.

I got up this morning made my coffee sit on the porch at 6am and was greeted by this picture of one of my newly formed blossomed orchids.

Now of course that is not what this post is about, but the point is, that orchid was closed yesterday, during the night, it opened up and bloomed, not rare but usually happens during the sunlight hours. So what a beautiful beginning to a beautiful day here in my slice of the “rumble in the Jungle”
But then the “ real test of my human endurance came around 6:30 am when men start showing up from everywhere, most walking some riding bicycles, one on a motorcycle who I later learned was the foreman.

During the next several hours I saw things that I have never saw in all my years walking on this planet. Of course I might be a little biased, but the pictures I will share later take away all possibility that I am telling you an untruth.
For I have saved every email to back up or dvd-rw every negative remark I have every received about the worth of the Filipino people when it comes to work. For all the naysayers and the unsold out there regarding the work ethic of the Filipino Man (if only given a chance to work) for I did not set the wages for these people. That was set by my architect and engineer as follows.
Labors- 170P day
Carpenters 230P day
Masons 230P day
At 8am I took my USA made weather gauge outside put it in the sun. It was 87 degrees F, 88 % humidity

At 1 pm I took the same instrument, put it on top of my Nanays back metal roof, 10 meters away from where the men were working. No shock but the temperature was now 118 plus on the roof, but the humidity had dropped to 66%
But with the searing heat I saw man after boy working like caribous pulling up tree stomps in a newly wannabe rice paddies.
I watched them take two breaks a day one at 10 am the other at 3pm which my family was responsible for.
Maybe my vision is cloudy because I am old and cannot work anymore and am jealous of that fact, but even when I was nine years old working in the Chesapeake Bay pulling up sometimes 100 lbs of blue crabs and sea nettles, yes I worked hard, but at 9 for 6 days of work for my Grandfather Captain Ronald McLaughlin, I was bringing home 200 plus dollars a week.

In fact this is only day one, and everything could turn sour to me and I have learned I made a terrible mistake, but if so, it is my mistake alone for I have listened and learned from all of you on here.
All I can say, I am so proud of my extended family, my brothers , nephews’, who never had jobs before now showing me the true metal of what makes a “Filipino tick”
They are more like a “band of brothers” that I once had, but now have rejoined. This is a great day for the RP, for it speaks volumes about who they are as a people.

Surely may sound silly but here is a Marine, thanking God he sent me to this Jungle, after surviving the first one.

More tomorrow, I promise. To many pictures to edit right now.

Kulpule> (sp)
The Murf