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Author Topic: Lay-Off Party For The Workers  (Read 1400 times)

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Lay-Off Party For The Workers
« on: June 20, 2009, 09:10:07 PM »

could not agree with your more jack and glo....we  because the house is coming along good will be laying off 75% of the labors tomorrow well sorry Monday, I spent 5,000 pesos today at lunch for blue marlin and 8n kilos of lechuon (SP) to feed the crew a good and  probably last meal i using only feed them 10 am snacks and 3 pm snacks but twice now i have cooked them chicken and rice and today the  blue marlin  plus rice and leaching.

today at 5 i went to thank them for how wonderful they were to me, but it was me and my wife who got the applause for always feeding them making sure their were always 3 large containers full of ice water for them to drink.

I told them  I might not see some of them today for they would need to be laid off soon, I told them I knew today was pay day for them but if they felt like it I would arrange for the payee to come over here , which he said he would do, but he said to me if you offer them text same they can just get come paid in the morning anytime after 10am....

so  I got my wife to tell them what i was offering and they said they rather stay here and drink with me, they co8could  get paid tomorrow just as well.

there were 33 of them, even the foreman joined us  i bought 8 cases of beer ner beer and  12 bottles of rum,

I know some of you well most all of you will find this hard to believe but i have a good voice, I called my guitar player we sang green green grass of home, my way, several Elvis songs and even some  Tina Turner (I\'m your private dancer ) plus bulak lek bulak lek...., pitong ga ta ng 

good time had by every one. and  i got crying at te end even though i cant afford it, but i hate to lay anyone off .

i talked to one today who works like a caribou, i  knew he was no spring chicken but had no idea he was 75, he will stay even though he carried bag after bag of stones and cement to our house, he is a mason and a good one by trade and will be the one who finishes outhouse,

thee in the end were 42 people for some men called their wives to come join them, my wife ask me to make her Black Russians which the girls r=drank, be honest

when was the last time you had real 42 people at your house who actually all loved you, remember i do not pay these men but my architect does and for
an 8 hour day for a laborer it is only  170 P

I cried like a baby when they left  but will move on, i had to lay off some of my own brothers today, i would not suggest that as a cheerfulness feeling

But life goes on and here in Bayugan rumble in the jungle or not life is good!

 I  know some of you are going to be pisse bell not that many gene, you dint have Thai t many fiends on this site as i have here a5 home

i made a promise to my wife, to build her a house that t is all i am trying to do the

right thing to do.

The Murf