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Author Topic: Re: Day ?. Our dream house I Hope ?  (Read 1419 times)

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Re: Day ?. Our dream house I Hope ?
« on: June 29, 2009, 09:24:27 AM »
 ;D ;D

Hi Gang   

Here\'s some pictures , hope you can get some idea, things look disarrayed but for the first time I actually see progress and like what I see. I have a long way to go, have learned a lot, have tons left to learn, but with the help of others on here will.

Colin, Greg thanks for your advice along the way, Greg so do I need one hot water demand system for each shower? , Jacuzzi bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks?

I was amazed, at how they got the hollow blocks from the ground to the top floor, a simple rope with sticks tied in it every 5 feet or so, a bend double ended piece of re-bar, two blocks hooked up and then pure muscle power, looks like the work of slaves from Israel in the mud pits instead of a house. These people simply amaze me or maybe I am just easily amazed at my age who knows.
Still have no internet and this phone is an off and on thing for it wants me to connect through Hong Kong, or Austria, but no RP so I get shut off constantly.

Life is a joy in the land of the rumble in the junglebut ahI would be nowhere else.

The Crew

The Two Foreman, the Construction Foreman and the real wife ;D :o

Upstairs Common Bathroom with shower and sink

Me with my Fat self parked in a chair after a walk around the building, little winded...ah...but such is life ???

The Mountain with a sheath of new morning fog on it

Two more quapa nieces

This young man is 78 years old and works like a caribou, amazing people, amazing culture....god I love em

My nephew who sadly I had to lay off along with 14 other laborers

Mortar being hauled up to second floor.

Man hauling on the rope pulley to lift 2 hollow blocks at a time, seems more like the work of the slaves of Israel than modern house building :(

Man retrieving the hollow blocks at topside

2 more hollow blocks boys...get em while their hot :o

Another man hauling on the rope...

Still another person takes their turn in the \"barrel :o\"

The \"Murf\"

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Re: Day ?. Our dream house I Hope ?
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2009, 02:08:07 PM »

Enjoy your thoughts and building activities. As long as you keep in mind that \"Philippine life is always an adventure!\"...nothing will bring you down. Never a dull moment in my favorite country! :D

Take care.

Greg 8)
Greg & Almira ;-)