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Author Topic: Our Awawa\'s & guns  (Read 10953 times)


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Re: Our Awawa\'s & guns
« Reply #30 on: March 06, 2008, 10:39:41 AM »
Actually, you cannot be deported on whim. Although individuals may, the Philippine Government does not act on whim. Due process applies (see Sec 37 of their immigration laws). You will be more than able to represent yourself at your hearing. If you are deported, you probably richly deserve it or failed to put up a defense. 

 “The Philippine Immigration Act of 1940” says:
 Sec 6. The examination of aliens concerning their right to enter or remain in the Philippines shall be performed by Immigrant Inspectors, with the advice of medical authorities in appropriate cases.

Notice the term “right to enter or remain”. You have other rights too like due process.

Why would anyone invest in a country without due process? 

Citizenship is a legal status. Being a “guest” is a role that you choose to play and has a lot to do with what you think your role is.  “Guest” may be a comfortable role for someone since “guests” have very little responsibility.  If your role is that of “employer“, “family member“, “business partner“, or “kuya“, then it is unlikely that the term “guest” is an appropriate term for you.  Those terms come with a lot more responsibility.

If you came to party and kick back, “guest“ may be the right term for you.

No, I don’t have the same legal status. I don’t need it or desire it. I am more than happy with the status I have.  I’ll never be a Filipino and I don’t want to be. That does not make me a guest.

Schwarzenegger has no right to run for president. He has fewer rights than me. I doubt that it keeps him up at night while he governs 12 percent of the U.S.

If you break the local law, you are much likely go to be sued than deported.  The la$t thing they want to do to a guilty foreigner is deport them. 

I’d leave in a heartbeat if I was deported. Thailand and Vietnam are just waiting for me to enter their economy.

As for acting appropriately, it’s not a matter of wisdom so much as a matter of character. I never saw “guests” spending much time worrying about character while I was there.  “Residents” take their actions a little more seriously. 

A lot of this has to do with being an American.  We have a long history here. Their constitution looks a lot like ours. We are a nation of immigrants. We have a mutual defense treaty with the RP. We are quickly made to feel like partners in this mess and not “guests”.

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Re: Our Awawa\'s & guns
« Reply #31 on: April 01, 2008, 11:00:36 AM »
I never saw “guests” spending much time worrying about character while I was there.  “Residents” take their actions a little more seriously. 

Yes, Fish, I agree with you.  When I make the big permanent move there I will not consider myself a \"guest\".  I will refer to myself as a \"resident\".  Seeing as how I intend to be there for the duration I find that term to be more appropriate.

Ako si Goyo.   Amerikano akong lawas pero Bisaya akong kasing-kasing