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Author Topic: My beliefs about Filipino Workers or do we get back what we give!  (Read 1644 times)

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There has been not only past but some current post about the Filipino Worker. I firmly believe that people have their right to form their own opinions and they may even hold merit and truth to them, but for me I am trouble by this talk and feel the need to speak out.

Has someone hired, had experience with a lazy Filipino worker, I am sure you have, but that is like saying have you ever had a bad meal in a restaurant, of course you have.

 We have heard of bad Filipino maids who steal from their workers or even worse maybe some who plan even more heinous deeds that it makes our blood boil. But do you think any other culture my own American people included have not also been accused and done the same things.
This is my third house I have built, the first two were designed by in another time when real estate was the lowest I had ever seen it and I purchased 5 acres on a pristine lake in the mountains of Maine on the lakeside for 2,300 dollars.

I designed the house, hired the crew, fired 6 within the first month 3 for stealing boxes of nails, and one a jig saw and one a table saw that I have no idea how he got it into his pickup truck without me seeing him.

I was on site for the 8 hours of the day, they were paid 50 cents above the then going rate and I had a home owner’s policy that covered me for each of them in case they got hurt on the job.

 I hired some of the best finish carpenters in the state, the best dry wall installers and tapers in the business.

 I had an electrician, a plumber and  my retired construction foreman of one of the largest construction companies in Portland , Maine who I used to work for, that is where I learned my trade, who would come by once or twice a week and give me hints as to this or that needed to be changed or corrected.

The crew knew every Friday at 1pm exactly I went to the bank an hour’s drive, they already had their 1 hour lunch break, so when one day I left payroll in my office and turned around within 10 minutes I found a crew of 8 all sitting under the trees down by the lake smoking and one even drinking peach schnapps. Now that’s not only lazy but irresponsible.

I lost my mind and fired them all, they all came back within the hour apologized said it would never happen again, and when they told me the truth, well one of them did they had been doing it ever since I was going to do payroll. I hired them all back but the one who was drinking.

There are lazy people everywhere, but please don’t generalize a whole culture of people because they have no jobs, and sit around playing mahjongg, raising fighting cocks, and smiling.

 Yes it might be a little slower over here because of the heat, but I have pictures video pictures a half hours worth, of boys gong ˝ mile away carried 40 kilos of cement and they did not know I was videotaping them for I was in the garden, they never stopped one bag after the other, it was 102 degrees F they had shits on their heads and pieces of cardboard on the side of their head where the bag rested against their shoulder and head.

It was they were like beast of burden for Pharaoh’s army but there was no harsh task master there with the crack of the hard whip to scourge their backs, I watch them do this for ˝ hour solid no rest, no stopping no slowing down in pace even the old ones.

This is the same group of men who walked off a job for a Swiss man building a new hotel ,the day before for they were treated so cruelly.

Could it be you get out of life what you give? These men are given all the cold water they can drink a day, they are fed two high calorie snacks every day, Allowed to party at my expense every two weeks, and they work like caribou for me, greet me every morning shake my hand and my foreman says every person he has at the 6 other sites wish to be transferred here to my place.

 In two months they are almost ready for the roof.

Give a man a job Filipino or not treat him with respect and dignity if he works hard and you will  prosper from the rewards of his hard and long enduring labor.

Yes I suppose there are lazy Filipinos; I have none working for me.


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Re: My beliefs about Filipino Workers or do we get back what we give!
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2009, 11:16:27 PM »
We have heard of bad Filipino maids who steal from their ...or even worse maybe...

Youre giving food and drink pretty much assures this will not happen with your workers...

Just treating people like PEOPLE...

Thats what you are doing and it goes a long way... just treating people like people. Not animals.

Some of us have even been treated like animals at our past jobs in other countries... That one BOSS who you REALLY hate.... You know... the one who gave you a bad mark for being late to work... even if it was just 1 minute late and you were actually inside the building - just not at your desk until 1 minute after the hour.

Sometimes its a fine line to walk... to be viewed as a good employer or a sap - but you seem to have a hold on the employer part, because saps get their materials taken and you have that curbed.

Nice going....

Support your local...... WORKER !

I have seen so much conflict while in the Philippines - amazingly 99% of it was merely online computer experiences :D

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Re: My beliefs about Filipino Workers or do we get back what we give!
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2009, 05:33:22 AM »
your a good man, not because you agree with me many times you probably don\'t and I respect you for it, I just find your story of how you once had the world by the tail lost it all and are now on your way back so inspiring, well I hope some day in a nice environment I can have you over for a good old American  meal , a game of pool, some intelligent conversation , have a few drinks, then start telling bull sh&* to each other, for men don\'t gossip we all know that  :)

I think I can take the heat for what is sure to come from some others about the Filipino worker but for me they are getting a bad rap.

Once again looking forward to meeting someone with some down to earth common sense to talk with.


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Re: My beliefs about Filipino Workers or do we get back what we give!
« Reply #3 on: July 16, 2009, 11:59:33 AM »
Well Murf, I can tell you from experience that we have had more good than bad experiences with the workers we hired to work on the house during our renovation period.  Most worked hard, we provided snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic during the day), and they had time to go eat breakfast, lunch, dinner.  Most were very skilled at their jobs. I guess most are happy with how we treated them because they are still customers at our store and are always willing to work if he have a job for them.

We did have a few that would go drinking at night and not show up for 2 or 3 days because they were \"sick\"!  Basically, we knew that meant they went on a bender and couldn\'t wake up.  We are fairly forgiving, so if they did it once, we let them know we weren\'t happy...the second time..they were called and told not to show up because we had hired someone to take their place. We paid more than average wage for our area, so no shortage of craftsmen that wanted to work for us, so we had a few headaches, but all in all...everything worked out ok.

Oh, and one of the guys we had to fire because of his drinking, sent his daughter to us to be our housegirl so they would be able to buy rice and have food to eat. She still works for us to this day and really is part of the family.  Of course we pay her for her work and also help her through her studies. So, out of some bad, came good also! Its all about how you treat them and being fair. 8)
Greg & Almira  ;-)