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Author Topic: The \"mobile\" electricity meter !!  (Read 1725 times)

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The \"mobile\" electricity meter !!
« on: October 07, 2009, 06:04:37 PM »
HEhe,.. had to have a wee laugh when we were over in southern Cebu province a month ago. After we had disscussed all the proposed alterations to our new house purchase, I sudenly blurted out to my wife,.. the electricity meter will need to be read !! I\'m not paying the bill for the previous owner and his mother next door, so don\'t use any power until its read , then there\'s no squabling over who used what.
Don\'t worry, my Mum will bring her own meter with her from her old house and use that one,...the old owners will just take their meter (and all the connecting wires) away with them and use them in their own new house !!
Had to have a second thought about this,... so a guy comes from the electricity company, disconnects your power supply from the nearest pole/transformer, winds up your wire, then unscrews your meter and takes the lot round to your new house and re-connects you to another pole in the area ( making sure you have enough wire to reach the new pole ) So, to keep things simple, any power you use, at your old house or the new one, will just be counted and tallied up on your own \"personal mobile meter\".
Now I understand why there are so many wires hanging from trees,poles ,..all over the villages !!

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Re: The \"mobile\" electricity meter !!
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2009, 08:34:21 PM »
Now I understand why there are so many wires hanging from trees,poles ,..all over the villages !!

almost...† but.. all those wires... well.. MANY.. are connected without permission... they NEVER have a bill... but sometimes the elect co cuts them. You can sometimes see them re-connecting these late at night if you look up into the poles....
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Re: The \"mobile\" electricity meter !!
« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2009, 09:34:59 PM »

the meter does not require unscrewing, it is circular in shape it has 4 knife type blades at the back that insert into the 4 connections that has the power coming down (top 2 receivers) and the bottom2 that send the power to your house.

The meter is attached to the backing plate via a circular clip, that resembles the clip that holds the top of a 44 gal. drum to the drum itself, a security seal is applied and it (supposedly) can\'t be tampered with. My meter was fitted by the Barangay electrician and the seal wire was pulled out of the seal, bent out of shape, and re-fitted.

That was 3 months ago, and nothing has been said. I complained to the electrician that the meter seemed to be going too fast, so he will fit another meter while he checks mine. No charge for the meter and none for the electricity!!



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Re: The \"mobile\" electricity meter !!
« Reply #3 on: October 08, 2009, 01:20:51 AM »
Water meters are easier.......2 days a week switch it round so meter runs in reverse hehehe shown to me by a plumber who does this a favour to customer when $40 (minimum charge) turns into a 5 minute job that the apprentice actually did (Kokomo, IN..... winter 77/78...)