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Author Topic: Changing The Look of Your Forum Pages  (Read 11032 times)

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Changing The Look of Your Forum Pages
« on: December 03, 2009, 05:52:50 AM »
We have had many new members join since we last discussed this topic, so I felt it was a good idea to advise everyone again about how to change the \"theme\" of the pages you read.

The default theme setting is currently Slick Pro, which to some might be just fine.  But for others who wish to change the colors as well as some of the functions of their page layout, there are other settings you may wish to explore.  Here\'s how you change those settings.

.First, click on \"Quick Links\" at the top right of your page.  If you are not using the current default setting and wish to change yours, click on \"Profile\"
.Next, click on \"View Profile\" then \"Look and Layout Preferences\"
.This takes you to your profile page and at the top you\'ll see the current theme.  Click on \"Change\"
.This will open a new page showing you 5 options.  I use Babylon.  You can choose any of the options you think you may want to check out.  Just pick one and click \"Use This Theme\"
You will immediately see a difference in how your page appears.  If you like the basic look, scroll down and click on \"Change Profile\".  Then click on \"Home\" to check out all the new features and see if this looks good to you.
.If you don\'t like the new look, click on \"Profile\" at the top of the page and repeat the above steps until you find a theme that you like.  Remember, you can always change your settings back any time as often as you like.  These are your private settings and do not in any way change the way others see their Forum pages.

Using the various profile options is also where you can add specific quotes significant to you as well as where you can add avatar images such as those used by most members.

If anyone has a question about these settings or runs into any difficulties, just post your questions/concerns and one of our Moderators will assist you.
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