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Author Topic: Dear Friends, a welcome message.  (Read 28557 times)

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Dear Friends, a welcome message.
« on: December 26, 2007, 11:05:03 AM »
Thank you for being here on our Living in the Philippines Forum Community. You are the reason why we are here. Over the years we have served more than 60,000 members and we know they are our most valuable resources. We do everything we can to help them to see the Philippines as a valuable place to visit, live, retire or otherwise enjoy. That is our mission, to help all of you get to know the Philippines, to help you and us be a better guest, to help get you the information you need to be happy here.
Rules and censorship are the price we pay for orderly exchange of information. We are an \"On Topic\" Forum and we have some very important \"rules for Forum survival\" that keeps us on track delivering what we promised above. Applying rules, and all rules can be read different ways, is not fun, certainly when people disagree. When we are forced to get arbitrary to keep things moving we don\'t always explain our actions and we can\'t really afford to \"owe you an explanation.\" We don\'t subscribe to that, have not set up our Forum to do that as we just simply don\'t have the people to provide you with a reason other than to direct you to these Rules for you to read and figure it out yourself.

I wish it were different. Maybe one day we will have enough people to do that. You are important to us, and the more communication the better. But the fact of the matter is we can\'t afford that much time.

So I am sure you know,  I am not comfortable at all with these \"dictatorial\" rules we have.  It is not my style and not to my liking.  But from past experiences with large discussion Groups, it is the only way, I feel, we can serve the majority of the guests successfully and continue to grow.

Don Herrington
Living in the Philippines Forum Owner

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