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Author Topic: Building our house in a sub-division  (Read 20593 times)

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Re: Building our house in a sub-division - Toilets!!!
« Reply #75 on: February 25, 2013, 04:19:57 PM »
Well, the Japanese seems to have all the right ideas about toilets! Anyway, I don't like wet bath room floors! The shower floor/wall being wet is understandable, but all 4 walls wet too, now that's ridiculous!
Your aim is off if you hose down the walls trying to "tabo".   :D :D :)
I haven't yet to use a tabo in our home to take a bath with! Been there and done that long long ago!
I take warm showers now and the rest of our bathroom floor stays dry when I step out of the shower!
Oh, this was about toilets! Yeah, even the floor around our toilet stays dry! You all know why! No tabo hanging on the wall, under the toilet tank or ever will again! We don't always do the "When in Rome" thing when we don't have to do it the Filipino way! :o ;)     
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