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Author Topic: Roof complete-now I gotta buy soffit?  (Read 2137 times)

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Roof complete-now I gotta buy soffit?
« on: August 07, 2012, 11:00:38 AM »
So our roof was completed at a cost of around 60 thousand pesos. Naturally with my luck a typhoon rolled through delaying the delivery and the completion of the roof, but today I am proud to say, all is good and the roof is complete, or is it? I was surprised to learn that the underneath of the roof ( the soffit ) is not included in the pricing of the roof. Even more upsetting was to learn that to completed this small part of the roof was an additional 25 thousand pesos. What? Hmmm.

Well my smart, money-saving, hottie of a wife came up with this solution and I thought I would pass it on. We went to home supple store and purchased plastic ceiling panels, we are going to use these on the second floor ceiling but they work just as well for soffits too. Ill  let the pictures explain more.

We used the panels, the trim then bought metal railings to attach trim to then attach that to the underside of the roof. We then cut and measured the panels, we got about four or five panels per ten foot piece, then slide them into place.


Here is a side view of the ceiling panel.


Panels are measured, cut then slide into place on trim.

The total cost was about two thousand pesos verses twenty-five. Score round nine, kano 9- roofer.  :lol:
Its nice as people rarely look at the soffit and you would have to walk under the roof and look up to see it. Its invisible from the road. The panels come in different colors so you can use your artistic abilities. Thought I would pass this work around to others. Later when its complete I will drill a few vent holes in every fourth panel.