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Author Topic: Storage room / root cellar in Philippines?  (Read 1967 times)

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Storage room / root cellar in Philippines?
« on: September 02, 2015, 02:02:05 PM »
Does anyone have experience with constructing/operating a cool storage room in the Philippines, such as a root cellar or other solution that does not entirely rely on an aircon running non stop? Is something like a root cellar even feasible here?

The purpose would be to store things like fruits, vegetables and other foods there with a smaller energy foot print than putting stuff in a fridge or cooling a normal room in the house with an aircon. We are living on a lot that is drained (surface flooding is not a big issue), but the only (slightly) below surface structures are two sceptic tanks that seem to be ok and not suffer from getting flooded. I have no idea how deep we would go with a root cellar in this climate to achieve a reasonable temperature and how that would work during rain season. Our house has a fairly large foot print with a concrete/iron beam wire frame structure and I was thinking about maybe digging a small room below the center of the house if that is feasible at all (I am not a construction engineer).

Any suggestions or experiences would be highly welcome :)

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Re: Storage room / root cellar in Philippines?
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2015, 08:15:54 AM »
I don't know how they would work in the phl.
I'v been around them and help build some, and help repair a few that caved in.
My dad built one in the early 70's thats my mom still uses today. It had dirt walls and a dirt floor. About 10 years ago the walls started
to fall in so my brother had to put in  concrete block walls.
For the roof my dad used Rail Road ties covered with tar paper then metal roofing over the tar paper, on top of that he covered it with
about 3 feet of dirt.
I think its a good idea as long as you can keep it dry.
If you do put one in let the rest of us know how it works.

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Re: Storage room / root cellar in Philippines?
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2015, 11:00:18 AM »
A below ground storage cellar would not be too economical in my view. First you have to deal with the high humidity. Fruits will rot and spoil easily. Then in most places here or where i am the water table is high. 20 ft. down and there is water. You could use a dehumidifier but from my experience those things consume a lot of electricity. Would be interesting to see how that would work and if you build please let us know how it works.

Good luck.
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