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Author Topic: Is Tampo A Bad Word or Is My First Pinay Relationship With A Crazy Person !!  (Read 46502 times)

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Chuckle, chuckle. Thought the same thing, as I did have similar experiences before, and to a lessor extent after, we were married.

I said to the wife early on, "I'd prefer when you think I've pi***d you off, you shout at me". It works - sort of.  :)

Now when I see/feel a bit of Tampo coming on (that's not very often a couple of time a year maybe), I say to her, "Shout at me!". She normally bursts out laughing and says, "You shouldn't have done xxxxx/whatever." So I apologise, well grovel really. ;) ;) and then everything is smiles again.

Our daughter was told at a very early age (by me) that tampo is childish, and if she's upset tell us. It was quite funny when she was little, as an 8 year old, she was telling her Ate's not to be so childish. I couldn't stop laughing when the wife told me.  :) :) :) So I hope that some guy in the future will not be subjected to Filipina tampo from my daughter. LOL!

If everyone teaches their children that tampo is childish, then maybe a tampo-free Philippines is on the horizon. I also believe in unicorns.  ;D ;D


Unicorns may be a possibility, as for the other.....dream on buddy  8)
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